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71 Toro wont run

Hello everyone, great forum here,
New problem you never heard before.....better sit down for this one...... lawn mower wont start...... ha ha.
heres the scoop
1971 toro 21 inch Gaurdian fingertip mower self propelled.Tecumseh engine.
i put it in the shed last fall with a half tank of fuel still in it, and it sat for a Wisconsin winter, lazy mistake on me! It ran beautiful last year, i would put it up against anything brand new, so i do not want to lose this one.
Now it takes twenty pulls to get it to start (compared to 1 or 2 for the last two years i had it), and once it does start it will only run on choke, as soon as i move the throttle lever to low or high it dies, emptied the tank and didnt see any gum deposits in the rubber fuel line, put fresh gas in the tank, same problem?
Big question is does 6 month of sitting in the cold really affect gas that much, if so what do i do now.
P.S. why does the manual for this 71 mower and my 2002 John Deere LT 160 both say use regular 87 gas, why do small engines need low octane.
By the way i do have spark at the CJ8 but it looked awful black, cleaned it up same problem. And the air filter is clean and lightly oiled.

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Take the bowl off the carb and clean it out, and clean the nut that holds the bowl on. There should be small holes in the bgowl nut that you may need to run a piece of wire through to clear out. Replace the float and needle & seat, and reassemble. That should get you going...if not, you will need to remove the entire carburetor and clean it. Let us know how it goes.

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