Ryobi in a Troy Bilt uniform....

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Ryobi in a Troy Bilt uniform....

Hello friends, I just left our local Lowes store, for those without Lowes its a large home improvement superstore, and felt I had to pass on what I saw. When strolling through the lawn & garden dept. I notice Troy Bilt weedeaters
and did a double take. They looked a lot like a Ryan/Ryobi/IDC in the engine area. Well they are. There ought to be a law against a premier company bolting their plastic to such a poor engine. These Troy Bilt weedeaters are side by side with Ryan/Ryobi/IDC and there is no difference in the entire machine except the plastic engine shroud and the price. Ryobi Bilt...oops... I mean Troy Bilt-$149.99.....Ryobi-$109.99. If you think that for $40.00 more you can have a top of the line machine (like Troy Bilt used to be) think again. If you must, get the Ryobi or better yet go with a $225.00 Stihl and forget about weedeaters for a few years. Also, don't forget to order your Snapper parts well before they break because now they have to be ordered from Wal-Mart. Where does that leave the owner of a $7500 commercial model looking for an idler to get to get back up and running? Strolling the aisles of your local Wal-Mart for parts. An act in pure frustration I can assure you.

I have no business interest in any company mentioned, only the good of all of you forum visitors.

Whew! I feel better now...
Thanks for listening.......Mike
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Don't doubt it in the least. Look at the way that Sears has people make their things for them.
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I speculated on another forum that the new Cub Cadet
trimmers were just yellow and white Ryobis, but another
suggested that these looked Japanese made. I do not
know, but MTD has become a huge entity in the lawn
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From what i heard Ryobi has homelite also,, and No snapper parts arent only availiable at walley world. I can get em all and never leave the house just make a call and be here next day. Wont be long till we can count the Manufactures on one hand if it is not already their. I Cannot Ever get over why Wal_mart thinks they have to have 25 Murray Tractors 10-15 of each model put togather and Sitting outside in the weather with a Damn log chain over the top of the Mower's.. I Protested my greif of Snappers and Murrays sitting in a down pour and Chain laying across the top of the Tractor's. I Mean come on Samwalton. Either Build a whare house to store em in or Teach the idiots that you employ to put togather 1 or 2 Tractors of each modle and Show them as a Display. whene one wants to buy a certain model . Have a Assosiate get one from the whare house and Inflate the tires or adjust air pressure. Service it for the Customer Christ it dont take long to uncrate and stick the deck on or steering wheel.. Sorry for ranting but it just burns my azz to see Tractors in the range of 800+ Dollars Sitting out in the weather and Dang chains across the seats and hoods. Chain em down at the rear end hitch or axles for petes sake.. Ughhhhhh Walmart just digustes me to no end. Thene we wonder why Murrays and others that get this treatment last only a few mnths b4 Bearings in the decks go or belts break well no wonder whene they sit in , Blaring baking sun, Downpours, Hail and wind .. Just is a piss poor way to do buisness i must say .
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It's a scary thought....no more small time corporations, little guys, or any of that. If someone builds a good product, some multi-conglomerate company will buy them out or indirectly shut them down. One day, I fear that EVERYTHING will be owned by a handful of companies. The government better step in before these companies get so powerful that the govt. won't be able to do anything about it. I'm all for the american way, but there has to be some regulation. Once a monopoly is formed, no one else has a chance....and that's NOT the American way.

And BriggsMan...I know what you mean...At my local wal-mart there must be 80 to 100 snappers, MTDs, and murrays sitting in the rain. Some have been there so long they are faded and growing mildew. They get sold for next to nothing. What a way to showcase their merchandise.

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