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Angry clutch trouble?

We just bought less than 2 weeks ago a yerf dog fun kart I believe it is model 3203...hmmmmmmm not sure.
Every time we start the thing it wants to GOOOOOO.....the idle is set at lowest it will go. It is a 6hp incase you need to know that. The wheels spin as soon as it is started......anything we can do? Getting tired of the black marks in the driveway.
Thank you!
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Hello misstifyd!

Is the engine actually idling low, or is it revving too high at idle? The throttle linkage may not be allowing the engine to fully return to idle. OR...the clutch is stuck. Most likely the throttle cable clamp at the engine could be loosened and then slide the cable a little to let the idle drop further. If this doesn't do it, let us know.
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Idle set low

I have the idle set as low as it will go but it is revved up. I did loosen the engine and slid it to try and loosen the cable for the clutch and that didn't help.
By the way.....that was a fast response!
Thank you!
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Hello: misstifyd

I think we have several crossed terminologies used here.

What is the meaning of new? New to you but a used machine purchased from another owner or new meaning out of the box new? Knowing the difference very often helps to determine the possible problems causes.

What exactly is the meaning of "revved up" using your description of the term? Idle speed is the slowest engine speed and "revved up" indicates acceleration above an idle speed. In otherwords.....A fast engine speed.

If the engines speed will not idle, meaning engine speed runs too fast at it's lowest setting, check the cable linkage that controls the engines speed at both ends of the connection points. It is incorrectly adjusted, misrouted, loose at the holding clips and or somehow installed incorrectly.

If the clutch is manually operated meaning by a foot or hand engaged lever or other device, etc, the connection or installation linkage may be incorrectly adjusted or installed.

If the clutch is a centrifugal clutch, meaning it engages automatically when engine speed is above an idle, most likely it's not a result of a defective clutch but more likely an out of correct engine speed adjustment, as mentioned above or adjustment of another part, such as a cable or connecting linkage.

Assuming it's a new kart purchased from a dealer, recheck the owners manual for proper installations and adjustments required. If your unable to correctly make all the required adjustments and cable and linkage installations etc, it may be a good idea to have the dealer check the machine.

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Ok It is brand new

From the store first of all....

Even when the motor is turned off and you push the kart the clutch still makes the motor turn over....and if you start it goes all by itself in the idle stage.
It isn't a manual clutch...it is that other word you used lol.....
We do have the idle turned as slow as it will go and with the belt off it idles just fine.
So I can see why I was confusing you! LOL Sorry about that....hope this helps!
Thank you again!
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Where did it come from ?????? , where everything sitting outside is reduced to a real piece of junk. Sounds like the bearing /sleeve is rusted up and locked to the shaft. not letting the clutch work as should..If it came from ???????.

New equipment indoors where it belongs not outside in the elements,, I Told em off at my local ????? and i WILL Not go back ..
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LOL Not Waalmart

We bought it a week ago from Sams Club...we didn't take the one on the floor....we bought in the box and had to semi assemble it......hmmmmmmmmm besides it being rusted is there anything else you can think of?
I may just take it back to Sams and get a new one but then again what if it happens again.
We did not get a manual on how to fix the darn thing cuz yerf dog wants us to take it to a service repair of theirs...I got that from the yerf dog site.
I boght my boys a 1000 toy and the dang thing isn't working right! Ughhhhhhhhhhhh!!
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If it's brand new, take it back! You seem to have a defective clutch. It sounds like you have the belt driven torq-a-verter clutch. I wouldn't try to repair it, just get a new one.
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LOL Thank you Cheese!

I will take it back and yes....that is the type of clutch it is! And when I take it back I am gonna tell them how thank God my son is safe cuz he ran into our garage frame on the darn thing because he let go of the brake and thing WENT!
I am also gonna call YERF DOG and complain a bit to them....I guess I just feel like complaining after the weekend I had....
thank you to all of you for your help!

God Bless you all!!
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Lol, Glad to help. Sounds like your weekend was similar to mine. Nothing but frustration. But I made it through and here it is Monday, lol!

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