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Question Lawn Tractor Speed

I have recently purchased a new Craftsman lawn tractor with a 14 HP Koehler motor. The throttle has a specific detent for the mowing speed which seems somewhat fast to me. I have always been of the opinion that one shouldn't run an engine faster than necessary to get the job done. The manual states that the indicated throttle speed gives the best quality of cut and it is designed to operate at that speed, but I wonder if the high speed won't reduce engine life. Is there any downside to running the tractor at a slightly lower speed as long as the quality of cut is OK and I don't lug the engine?
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Removing old fuel deposits

Is there any product available which can be added to the gas tank which will reliably remove varnish or other deposits in the carburetor of small engines?
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Hello thiggy!

On a Kohler, you are probably ok by running the engine a little lower than wide open, but it is designed to be used at top RPM. If your quality of cut still looks nice at a lower RPM, it shouldn't hurt. You may have problems with grass clogging under the deck if the blades don't turn fast enough.
As far as removing deposits in the carb, you will need to disassemble it and clean it. There is an addative called stabil that helps prevent varnishing, but doesn't remove it. There is no reliable "fix-in-a-can" as far as I'm concerned.

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