small generator


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small generator

We have a small Kohler geneerator ( Mod 1750--2250 XL) The engine functions, but he generator doesn't supply electricity.

After having it "repaired" it ran for one hour and quit. Supposedly they installed new brushes.

So what couild be wrong ?
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I have "used" a generator before...but never "worked" on one...the ones that I used had fuse(s) and or breaker(s)...maybe one let go??

<A HREF="">Link#1</A>

<A HREF="">Link#2</A>

<A HREF="">Link#3</A>

The places above work on them...maybe one can help...should be worth an e-mail or two


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Hello: Mullin

The chances are the prior replacement of wornout brushes did not cause the current problem. Based upon the current condition, it is likely the generator lost it's internal magnetic field charge.

What that means is the internal electric producing parts are not electrically energized. To produce electrical current, the parts have to have an intial electrcial charge to energize the magnetic field.

If the generator has lost it's magnetic field charge, locating and repairing or replacing the internal defective part or parts is best left to the pros.

What you may try is a continuity test on the circuit breaker, plug receptacle, fuse, switch, etc. An open circuit may also indicate damaged and or disconnected wiring, defective diode, etc.

Attempting a doityourself repair on a machine generating AC voltage, any incorrect repair proceedure could cause further internal electrical parts damage and or personal injury, I would suggest you return the generator to the repair shop and have it professionally repaired.

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Small geneator repair

Thanks to Jeff and Tom for their advce; I found a repair faciliy and after they investigated they fouind that the internal parts had burnrd out. The interedting part ( to me ) was that the engine still operated. They said that the engine might be used on some other appliance. It would be better to spend money on a new generator rather than repair tis one. That is what I plan to do.

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