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Tecumseh 8 hp

I recently purchased a home that came with a Murry 8hp Tecumseh riding mower. I have been able to cut the grass several times so far with no problems.

It ran out of gas and when I refilled it started spitting gas out of the exhaust. Any ideas what might be causing the problem?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Hello shecht!

Probably a stuck float in the carb, or a leaking seat. Remove the carb bowl and make sure the float is moving freely and there isn't any trash or water in it.
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Sounds like it may be a float problem , maybe cracked or split which would allow more fuel than you need for good operation , or your plugs need to replaced. If you have a very weak spark or no spark at all, the same would occur , fuel pushing out of the exhaust. In an extreme case you could have engine damage but that doesn't seem to fit the bill. Also you may wish to check if your engine has a cleanable breather , if so clean it out.

Good Luck.
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Sorry JDI...weak or no spark will not cause fuel to spit out the exhaust.
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cheese and JDI,

Thanks for the suggestions. I have been traveling with work and have not had a chance to work on the mower. I also wanted to let JDI know I did change both the spark plug and air filter.

Thanks again for the advice,
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Hello: Shecht

There is always the remote possibilty the float dropped so low in the bowl that it got stuck on it's pivot pin in the down position or stuck at the bottom caused by gummy varnish at the bottom of the bowl, etc.

You did not specify how long it was between the time the engine ran out of fuel and the time when you refilled the tank. If the duration of time was several weeks, the fuel in the bottom of the bowl may have turned to gum and or varnish causing the sticky material in the bottom of the bowl.

Best bet is to remove the float bowl and clean out anything other the clean fuel found in it. It may also be necessary to to check the needle and seat, as cheese suggested.

Might also be a wise idea to ensure there isn't any remaining fuel in the cyclinder. Liquid cannot be compressed. Therefore, attempting to crank the engine may cause the engine to appear to be seized.

Should there be only a small amount of liquid fuel remaining in the cylinder, it may cause engine cranking difficulties after the carb service.

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