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smokey mower

I have a 9 yrs. old Sears mower with a 5hp "Eager-1" engine (Sorry, I forgot to get the real engine manufacturer before logging on here). There is no throttle, just a fast/slow type lever which I always leave on fast. There is a primer bulb.

The mower works pretty well as for starting and running and generally cuts well. We usually use it in it's mulching configuration.

My wife (who does the lawnmowing) has been complaining since last season that it lacks power and stalls several times even when the grass is not especially wet or long. Now she says that when it is struggling, there is some light smoke coming out near the air filter.

I assume the smoke is possibly unburned fuel but I am surprised that is is coming out the carb instead of the exhaust. I am guessing that the throttle control is wide open since the engine is under load and the excess fuel is simply evaporating instead of being sucked into the engine for combustion.

Whether I am right or not, what can I do about the lack of power problem? If it means anything, I cleaned out the bottom of the mower at the begining of the season a month ago and changed the oil then as well.
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hello pjaffe!

The eager 1 is sears' name for a techumseh engine. Check the spark plug to be sure it isn't fouled. If it is good, there's a good chance the carburetor needs a good cleaning to solve your lack of power problem. The smoke you describe is coming from the PCV vent tube. It is between the engine and the air cleaner element. The smoke is blowby, which is combustion gasses blowing past leaky piston rings into the engine crankcase. The PCV valve allows the engine crankcase to breathe and release pressure, and it allows these gasses to escape. It's normal to see smoke there when an engine starts to wear and burn oil.

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