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Hard to turn over trimmer

My toro gas trimmer runs ok, once I can get it started. It is very hard to turn over, I can not make it turn over enough to start most times. I try with throttle open and closed. Any ideas?
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Hi easygoing!

It sounds like the engine is ok since it runs good once you get a sharp enough pull on it to get it running. The only thing I can think of at the moment is possibly your spool that the pull cord winds on is binding. Is this something that just started, or has it always been this way?
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It has not always been so dfficult to turn over. I guess the rope or pulley binding is all it could be?
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Hello: Easygoing

By turning over I assume you mean cranking the engine. If cranking is difficult to do, the problem may be the starter.

If you mean the engine runs okay when it gets running, that could mean it's running but not correctly.

I am not totally sure I understand what you mean here. Kindly provide more specific info on the exact problem.

Difficult cranking could also be caused by several other problems.

A plugged or restricted exhaust can allow an engine to run but not correctly. A lean fuel to air carburetion can cause an engine to run and may cause starting difficulties.

Internal engine damage can cause difficult starting problems and still allow and engine to run but not well or correctly.

If you would describe in detail what you mean by difficult to start, we may be able to provide more specific helpful assistance.

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As I said, it runs fine, once it starts. The pull cord is very hard to pull, it will not turn the motor over fast enough to start, except once in a while after much difficulty.
Thanks for the help.
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There are 2 other possibilities. Next time you
try to start, remove the plug and pull the rope.
If you see an excess of fuel come out, you metering needle in the
in the carb may leak slowly, filling the engine with fuel and
causing this. Another possibility, is that you have a buildup of
carbon on the piston top and in the upper section of the
cumbustion chamber, kicking up your compression ratio, but
fixing that would entail full disassembly.
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Thanks for the help. I would not think it would have much buildup, because it is only a year old.
Do you think the pull cord could be the problem?

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