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McCulloch Gas Chainsaw

I have a 38 cc mcCulloch gas chainsaw. the oil pump is not working. How do I get at the pump to repair or replace?
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Hello and Welcome nhuriah to our Small Engine forum.

It may not be necessary to access the pump, if oil simply isn't coming out. You did not mention enough detail regarding the lack of oiling. Is the pump an auto lube and or a hand only pump?

The oiling hole in the engines case may be blocked with wood shavings. If this is the case, simply clear the hole out with a pipe cleaner or similar device. Also check the oiling holes in the bar. Both sides have oiling holes.

If it is necessary to access the entire tank and pump assembly, removal of the starter cover will be required. Be sure to note how the assembly comes apart, note how each part is attached and in the order it came off. Reassemble all the parts exactly as you found them.

The other resident small engine service and repair professionals may offer additional suggestions, advice & help. Check back several times for additional replies.

If you need further assistance, use the REPLY button to add any and all additional information, etc. Using this method also moves the topic back up to the top of the list automatically.

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I should have explained further. The saw was running then i stopped it when i went to start again the engine turned one pull and appeared to seize. This happened before and the problem according to the repair shop was a screw(?) in the oil pump had backed off and was stopping the engine from turning. At present I am about 300 miles from a repair shop and will have to try to repair the saw myself
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Hello: nhuriah

I'm getting lost here. First the machine wasn't oiling and now that's not the case. The engine is currently seized?

If the engine is currently seized or appears to be seized because it will not crank, would not be because the oiler wasn't oiling the bar. Something may be jamming the starter assembly or the engine may infact be seized.

Best bet is to remove the starter assembly, remove the spark plug, then attempt to hand crank the engine. Unless the cause of the engine seizure is discovered during removal of the starter housing and the jamming is caused by the starter assembly or something stuck in it.

If there appears to be no reason found during removal of the starter assembly, the engine may in fact be seized up. You'll need to do the above to determine which may be the case.
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I guess I misstated the problem on the first post. basically I was just trying to find out how to access the oil pump. I have checked out the piston etc thru the exhust port and it seems ok. by using a wrench on the flywheel I can get approximately 1/2 turn back and forth however something is stopping a complete revolution. As I said earlier I had a problem before with what i thought was seizure but the repair shop said that a screw(?) in the oil pump had backed off and was preventing the crank from turning. (Hope i have the repair shop facts right)
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I don't know exactly what the setup looks like on this, but it sounds like your screw is probably behind the clutch. You may be able to remove the cover that goes over the clutch and chain, and see your problem.
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On your particuliar saw the oil pump is under the fly wheel. You have to take the left side of the engine housing off and then take the flywheel off. Have fun. Later Butch

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