Lawn Tractor Tansmission Problem


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Craftsman garden tractor won't go!

This is a 22hp garden tractor that starts and runs fine... just won't go !! When I put it in gear to go forward or reverse it does nothing but sit there! What could be the problem?? Could this be the drive belt slipping?? the belt is turning the pulleys but not sure if it is tight. The tractor is easily pushed by hand without engaging the push control... is something amiss there? Please help .. cannot afford nor have the transportation to take this to a shop. I am very good at repairs so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lolady
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Hello loladywho!

If the transmission pulley is in fact turning, but the mower will not move when put in gear, there are several possibilities. By your description, It appears that you have a hydrostatic transaxle. Look at the linkage that goes from the forward/reverse lever. Check that it moves the shifter on the tranny. If not, you have problems there. If so, make sure the release knob for pushing is moving all the way in like it should. This is where your problem seems to be. Make sure that the push control rod is connected at the tranny, and is moving the linkage on top of the tranny. If this doesn't lead you to your problem, let us know.
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Craftsman garden tractor

Thank you very much for the quick reply Cheese!! Will check out all that you told me and let you know, hopefully it is something minor! Thanks again (have 7 acres to mow with this thing!) Lolady
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Has anyone removed the rear wheels recently?
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Fisher; rear wheels removed??

Hi Fisher! no, the rear wheels have not been removed for the past two years that I know of... tell me more! Would this have bearing on it not wanting to go? Had a friend check it out yesterday and he said perhaps the hydrostat filter and oil might need to be changed.. but then after listening closer decided that wasn't the problem. I have had it jacked up today... put it in gear and the left rear wheel barely wants to go.. please give more info about removing the rear wheels!! Thanks, Lolady
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Many times when a rear wheel is removed the
square key that locks the rim to the axle gets
lost and when the wheel is put back on, the
axle spins inside the rim.
Does the trans make any noise? You made a
reference in the first post about the belt's
tioghtness, does it seem loose? The last time
you used it, did anything odd happen, or did
you do anything? {like change belt, etc..}
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Noise in tranny!

The only belt I have replaced is the main mower belt...the drive belt is running and moves the parts. Rear tires have not been removed.. but have had some flats that I have simply kept airing up! A friend looked- - -and "listened" at the trans ..he thinks it sounds like there is something chipped in there! He's going to take it off and have a look Mon or Tues. Will keep you posted on results. Sure appreciate all the help .. this is a great place for problems! Thanks, Lolady

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