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briggs and stratton engine magneto

I have a 6hp Briggs and Stratton on my lawn mower. The engine just died while cutting grass. How can I know for sure that I need a new coil/solid state module? I get no spark. I have changed the plug, checked the air gap at the coil, checked the key on the flywheel. Is there a way to check the coil/solid state module with a volt/ohm meter to be sure that is what I need?
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Hello lambda, check your coil with an ohm meter by ground to the ground terminal on the coil and the hot to the plug wire. Zero reading would mean a bad coil. Other than a bad coil make sure your not grounding from a bad connection between the coil ground and the flywheel/blade brakes. Also, while you have the blower housing off check for fire while the grounding wire is off of the coil.....Mike
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The main reason for no-spark on these is the cable for the safety bar does not pull the kill switch back far enough. Watch on the side of the mower when you pull and release the safety bar. See the piece that moves back and forth? Get it to move farther in the direction that it moves when you hold the safety bar. (or tighten the cable if you can) See if it sparks then. You should be able to bend the lever that moves on the side of the engine in the direction opposite of the way it moves when you pull the safety bar to take up the slack.
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Starting problem

Thanks for the suggestions, Mike and Cheese. I checked for the things you said, but found nothing out of order. I finally "bit-the -bullet" and purchased a new coil/solid state module. I got the mower started twice, but it ran poorly for just a few seconds and then stopped. Afterward, I could not start it Suggestions????
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Hello: lambda

As both Mike & Cheese mentioned in a round about fashion, the mowers ignition is grounding out somewhere. You job will be to locate the grounding point and make any and all needed adjustments to correct the situation.

Electronic modules are not prone to premature failure. Rarely does one ever need to be replaced. Another remote possiblity could be a loose blade, loose bracket and or an out of adjustment blade brake stop and or grounding switch.

It's also possible the problem isn't electrical but appears to be. That fact that the engine attempted to start and did run, even for a moment, may indicate the problem lies elsewhere.

The professionals in this forum topic can only base their replies on problem descriptions. Yours may not be clearly defined enough. Check for other potential problems other than electrical and post back any you may locate or think could be the problem.

Check back on your topic several times for additional replies.

Read the other postings and replies offered on this topic of engines in the RECENT & ARCHIVES postings, within this forum, for additional help & information on this topic.

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