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Question Does anyone know this engine?

I don't have the model number to this engine, but I was hoping someone would recognize it (or at least the series) by looking at it. There must be someone in the world that has an engine like this. I'm suspecting that it might be an early OHSK130 or similar, from looking at drawings, but I'm not sure. The flywheel housing where I'm sure the model # was is missing. Here's what I do know. It's an old Tecumseh (14hp I guess) cast iron engine with over-head valves from a Bolens G14 tractor that my ag teacher gave me. It weighs about 100lbs even, about 18" tall. The oil drain is on the bottom. The ignition coil is no good, the alternator coil is missing, and the voltage regulator is bad, but the engine is in excellent shape, has good compression, the oil is even clean, and I'm sure it would run if only it had a spark and gas. The ignition coil mounts above the flywheel much like a magneto, but it has a +12V supply terminal, and a sensor near the flywheel. There are two little round thingys close together on the flywheel, that must have activated and deactivated the coil as they passed by the sensor, so the flywheel doubles almost as a sort of distributor. I haven't been able to find a coil that resembles that one in any catalogs or from any suppliers (of course the coil is numberless, and I don't even know where it is right now), but maybe I can make some sort of sensor to use with an ordinary car ignition coil. Any ideas? circuits? how does this thing work? Of course I'd rather just get an original coil for it, but I don't know where.


P.S. How do I get this image to show up, I see there's a 2 byte limit for attachments, making that almost useless. Anyway, you can see it here. http://www.msnusers.com/AnswerPoint/msgattachments/116
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Kilowatt, I couldn't take a look at you engine because the url you posted takes me to MSN sign in. Try these links for a board that deals with this older stuff

Message Board www.asecc.com/mboard/

Technical Board www.asecc.com/techboard
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Is there any way I can post the image here? I'd have the same problem if I tried it on that other forum, I don't have a webpage, that URL is just from yet another forum. I'm not so sure it's a true antique anyway, but it might be. Also, why is the max attachment size set to 2b?
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KW... Try an image hosting service like Clubphoto...

Easy to use and free www.clubphoto.com

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