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where are the points located? I have an older briggs 3 1/2 hp. How can i tell if theyre bad?
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On almost all old B&S 3.5 vertical shafts, the points are located under the flywheel. There you will find a aluminum cover held down by two screws. Remove that cover and you will see the points and condensor.
Symptoms of bad points are very weak or no spark. You will find one or two wires coming out from under the flywheel. One of these wires will lead to a kill switch usually located on the throttle linkage at the carb. Before pulling the flywheel, disconnect this wire and make sure it's not touching metal. Try to get fire with this wire disconnected. If still no fire, problem is probably points.
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ok, thats not my problem i don't think. i can get it started sometimes but not right away, i have to use carb cleaner on it first. maybe i need to clean the valves because i dont think the first valve is closing all the way and beacause its letting ehaust out through the carb, does thaty make sense?
also on the carb i have what i would call a flutter choke, it is a piece of plastic with one hole and it lies horizontally to choke the engine but moves vertical onvce the engine gets going, but it won't get out of choke if i have the air filter on. do i need a new air filter sponge?
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Sounds like you need a new carburetor diaphragm, but repair the valve problem 1st.

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