gas/oil ratio


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gas/oil ratio

I'm a poor ole widow lady who has a basic question (perhaps a no-brainer?) about gas/oil ratio.....In my Lawnboy mower I mix 1 small bottle of oil to 2 gal gasoline. If memory serves me right, that is 32:1. ??

I just replaced my ryobi battery-powered weedeater (I loved it, but my yard's too charge wouldnt come close to doing the whole yard) with a Weedeater FeatherlitePlus . The gas/oil ratio is 40:1 for the new weedeater.

Do I need to have two separate gas cans in the shed or can I 'fudge' a little on one or the other? Thanks guys......
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Hello bda0802. Welcome to our Do-It-Yourself Web Site and our Small Engine forum.

I moved your topic here in order to obtain as many replies as possible to your question.

In all likely hood, yes, two cans with different fuel to oil ratios are required, if the mix where to use oil.

This is not the case with a quality synthetic oil. Synthetic oils cover all ranges of fuel ratios.

Therefore, using a synthetic lubricant, one oil package per manufacturers instructions can be used in all 2 cycle engines.

Which means you can mix a two gallon fuel container with two packages of synthetic oil and use it in both machines...
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To find out the number of ounces (of oil) per gallon of gas, divide 128 by the ratio of oil needed:

example - 40:1 ratio - 128 divided by 40 = 3.2 ounces

32:1 ratio - 128 divided by 32 = 4 ounces

then multiply the ounces by the number of gallons needed.

useful conversion

1 gallon = 128 ounces

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