Painting w/red

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Angry Painting w/red

Please help a totally frustrated painter!!

I am painting my bedroom red and am having a difficult time. The original color was light blue, I put two coats of Killz2 primer, then one coat of Behr Premium flat paint in Cardinal Red. The first coat showed every roller stroke. I also made the mistake of painting the edges and half of the room, then continued to paint the rest of the room a couple of days later. The areas that I left off on are very dark red and very noticable. I painted a second coat of Behr Premium, same color, but in a satin finish. My problem is that the edges and the spot that I left off at are still significantly darker than the rest of the walls. HELP!! What can I do to even out the color? Should I put another coat of satin or should I go with eggshell? Will the walls ever look even?
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I don't have an answer to your question, but am very interested in hearing an answer. I would love, love, love to paint a room or entry red, but have heard of people having problems like yours.
Good Luck.
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DoIt girl........I just gave up on my red. I had the same issue as yours with the dark edges. After 6 coats it was evening out, but I would still need one more. I finally just threw in the towel and am re-doing it. I've wasted enough time. On the upside, I called Behr to see what I was doing wrong and they offered (I didn't even expect it) to refund me all 6 cans of paint and primer. Sort of softened the blow of my dissapointment, but not fully.

I am now going a deep mauve-y/taupe-ish sort of color. I like it much better!

Good luck......I hope yours turns out.
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I went to my local small town hardware store.

I painted my dining room red with Manor Hall paint. Start with quality and your color will be consitant. I used 3 different gallons and all the walls were perfect. Go to the big box stores and get what you pay for.

Good luck with your endever.
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Red is hard for a DIYer

This has been covered many times before on this board.

Red (and green and some blues) are very difficult for a DIYer to use and have look good. The reason is that these paints have a lot (and I mean a LOT) of pigment. It is hard to get that pigment evenly distributed. So, an average DIYer will need 5 coats to do it right.

There are ways to use fewer coats.
1. Use high quality paint from a paint store. You get what you pay for.
2. Use high quailty tools. Cheap brushes and roller sleeves make it worse.
3. Learn proper brushing and rolling techniques. I laugh at some of the cable DIY shows.
4. Don't over-brush or over-roll (comes back to technique).
5. Keep a wet edge - only cut-in what you can cut-in and roll before it starts to dry. It helps to have two people - one to cut-in and one to roll.
6. One of our regulars has had success using a high quality primer tinted gray as a base coat.

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