brand new paint peeling off


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Unhappy brand new paint peeling off

i recently painted my bathroom and followed all the instructions on the paint includeing drying times and didnt use the shower for a week while cleaning up the edge of the tile and useing hot water to rinse the tile the paint began to sepperate from the surface of the wall to the point were i could hand pull the entire paint job including the primer down to the killz2 what happened?????? this was a national name brand paint
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You probably went over oil with latex. Use a bonding primer.
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I am baffled why after a week the KILZ 2 seemed to stay put over whatever it was put over but the paint didn't bond to the KILZ. It seems akbigbadwolf followed all the rules and something backfired but I do have one thought as to what may have happened and I'll get to that. Let me see if I have the materials and the order that they were used right. KILZ 2 over existing paint and the KILZ stayed bonded. A primer was used (what kind, by who?) followed by finish paint. I suspect the failure was the primer if indeed there was one used between the KILZ and the paint. Maybe one of the newer drywall primers was used that really is marginal for its intended purpose and almost usless for anything else but a good bit of it turns up on jobs around here for general purpose use because its price is good. If the KILZ is intact try the paint (what kind, by who?) over the KILZ and if top quality paint is used you should be in good shape.....Mike
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I strongly believe that kilz is another home depot or lowes shim sham. Go to any paint store (ICI, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore) and buy paint, not gimmicks. You need a primer for a trouble area, buy an oil based product designed for that purpose and the aforementioned paint stores will give you the product that works for that particular situation.
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killz and stuff

actually the killz stayed firm and always have never had a problem with killz2 had to use it the original paint and primer job for this house was not very good and killz firmed it all up as for the brand and metioning sherwin williams it was in fact sherwin williams dutch boy demension paint the first layer was deep base coat primer then a top coat of the deminsion semi gloss only thing that i can say was out of the ordinary about the whole process was that the paint smelled strange it didnt have the strong amonia smell that im am used to with all house paints hope that makes sense
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Kilz is good stuff....

Kilz and Kilz2 are very good primers. The difference is one is oil, the other latex. Both work well with latex top coats.

It does sound like the second primer failed.

I'd like to know why wolf used a second primer.
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Sherwin-Williams has some fine paints in the upper lines and my guess is the idea for a second coat of primer came from the part time afternoon help SW seems to hire but no matter where the thought came from it should have bonded to KILZ2. I agree that the KILZ latex bonding primers are fine material. True 100% acrylic primers after 7 days will bond to most anything and it doesn't matter whos name is on the can or who retailed it.....Mike
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2nd primer

used the second deep base/primer cause i was an idiot and listened to the counter help at the local fred meyers who said i needed it cause my my top coat was a dark color lol
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