Painting technique with crumpled tissue paper


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Painting technique with crumpled tissue paper

Would like to do a focus wall with a texture faux finish. Have seen crumpled tissue paper placed over a painted wall and after it dries, another color is ragged over it and then wiped off. The last color then is visible on the creases of the tissue paper, giving a worn leathered look (if done correctly). My questions are: what's the base coat? what mixture do I use to adhere the paper to the wall? what mixture do I use over the tissue paper?

Thanks!! Would love to do this on a weekend and improve the living room by 100%

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I did something similar

I did not do a whole wall, I did small wooden boxes. I'll try to relate what I remember doing.

I used white wrapping tissue (you might want to see what else is available beacuse it is very thin and fragile), I tore it into pieces so that I would not have straight edges. To adhere the tissue, I used an artist's acrylic medium, thinned with water to a somewhat milky consistency.

I crumpled the tissue (for texture) and then flattened it out. I painted the acrylic onto the surface, and while it was wet I placed the tissue on the surface, scrunching and pulling for a good effect.

After it was all dry, I sanded ridges & didn't want, placed more tissue where it was needed. I gave it a base coat or two and followed with the glaze coat.

If I were to do an entire wall, I would experiment with various materials to test ease of the process, durability of the final outcome and cost (art supplies are expensive).
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Tissue Paper Wall

I saw this done on Trading Spaces recently. They did a fireplace wall and it turned out very nice.
What I remember...the wall was painted black. Sheets of crumpled and then opened tissue paper were placed all over the wall (on the wet paint?). Once that dried, another coat of black was rolled onto the tissue paper. After that dried, they took silver paint and rubbed it all over the surface with a rag. The silver paint accented the 'wrinkles' in the wall.
Check out HGTV's website...maybe they posted detailed instructions on how this is done.
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I did a variation of what you are talking about to my bedroom wall and it turned out great.

First, I painted the wall the dominate color (navy blue in my case). After this coat of paint had dried, I crumbled sheets of newspaper into balls and then opened the sheets up to full size again. Next, I painted over a small area with the secondary color (silver this time) and laid a sheet of crinkled newspaper over it and lightly pressed on the paper. I removed the paper and continued this process. The key is to be random and not line up the edges of the newspaper or else you will get straight lines on your wall. And don't worry, the black ink does not come off the newspaper onto the wall.

I think this technique looks different from rag painting because you get crisp veins running through the wall instead of the more smooth appearnace of ragging.

This type of painting has a name but I don't remember what it is. I'm sure if you look in a faux painteing book you will be able to find it.

Good Luck

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