very small room, high ceiling


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very small room, high ceiling

I have a very small, rather dark bathroom (4x5) and a high (8ft.) ceiling. A (shaded) window is the main feature of one of the 4' walls, and the door is on the opposite wall. I cannot decide how to repaint it. Although the ceiling isn't extraordinarily high, it seems that way since the room is so small. Do I paint walls and ceiling the same color? I thought about using a wallpaper border around the room,flush with the top of the window and ceiling. Do I use a shade lighter for the wall/ceilingabove the border, or perhaps a shade darker to bring the ceiling "down". The room is rather dark. Any other suggestions welcome.
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You're free to do pretty much anything you want but if the room looks small you might want to go with lighter colors. I usually use a ceiling white on my ceilings with a white semi-gloss latex enamel on doors, windows and trim. To add some contrast I put something with color on the walls...but again, there are no "rules" these days other than a small room will look larger with light colors....
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Thanks TomBT. I think I will go with the white ceiling after all. When you say something with color on the wall. I am a wanna'be DIY'er, but one step at a time, huh? I am worried about choosing the wrong color - too dark, too boring,... but think I will just jump in there and go for it. Thanks.
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Think about painting one wall darker than the others. This effect will tend to pull that wall out and make it appear larger. It does not have to be real dark, just a shade or two.
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Come to think of it, I just started work on one of my bathrooms with the same dimensions as yours. It is a half-bath with toilet and sink. On one wall is a window and opposite that wall is the door. I put new crown molding up around the ceiling. The crown molding, baseboard, door and window trim will be semi- gloss white and the ceiling will go ceiling white. I intend to paper the walls with a floral pattern that's not too dense - or busy - since that can make the room look smaller. I personally think darker paint colors only look good in rooms that have lots of trim work that's been painted white i.e., crown molding, baseboard, chair rail and door and window trim along with a white ceiling (traditional look). But that's just my opionion.
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Give some colors a try! You don't have to paint all the way up. Just do part of a wall, see how you like it. That's the beauty of paint over wallpaper, it is so easy to "do-over". I would stay away from the border along the ceiling unless you want to draw attention upwards instead of eye level.
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Very small room

An 8' ceiling is standard. It may, however, appear to be 'high' because of the small size of the room. TheUglyMug has given you excellent advice. If you want to use a border, how about one at wainscoating height, keeping the eye down and not upward toward the ceiling. Either a darker color paint below the paper border or using a paper and border as wainscoating to emphasize the lower part of the small room may give you the feel for a larger room. Lighter colors do tend to make smaller spaces seem larger. Large mirrors can also give the illusion of greater space. Avoid extra clutter, which can take up visual space.
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half bath

I have a half bath about same size; window is opposite door and sink opposite toilet. right now there is nothing in the room; no sink, no toilet; just new 12" tile on floor and existing wallpaper; I am thinking about installing a pedestal sink to show more of the floor and a large mirror behind sink. for the toilet I think I will get a round bowl to reduce interference with door.

I dont mean to start a question within a question or take attention away from Lilyanne's original question but going back to ceiling borders; I think I like that idea although I have not seen a real life example; but wouldnt that be a good idea to draw a bit more attention to the bigger ceiling space in order to balance out the small horizontal space? just my thought.
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