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Question BEHR sandwash

Anyone have any advise on Behr sandwash finish ?
(other than to avoid it, I'm too late for that)

I have primed the walls, and then reprimed with a tinted primer
as suggested on the product label.

I followed the directions as printed on the can, but have been left with a room full of roller tracks. The rep at Home Depot said that
the roller marks would fade after 7 days. They didn't.

I also received two different application directions from two separate people at Home Depot. I had already followed the instructions on the can.

When I went to the Behr website, I was faced with a completly different instruction for the application of the sandwash.
(that makes 4 different methods - 2 from Behr and 2 from the Home Depot staff who say they were instructed by the Behr rep)

I filled out the form on the Berh site asking for help, but have received no reply.

The walls look good except for the roller lines, they are about 3 inchs wide. ( you are asked to over lap the columns )

I was thinking about trying to blend the lines in by sponging with a dampened sea-sponge and more of the sandwash.
Would this help ???

For the record the directions on the can say to cut in with a 3" brush a 2 foot strip along the ceiling and down a corner of the wall.
Generously load a 3/4" nap roller with sandwash and fill in the 2 ft by 2 ft section.
Continue to cut in and roll out 2ft by 2 ft sections creating a column down the wall.
Over lap sections slightly to maintain a wet edge.

As each column is complete, reload the roller and apply a thin coat of sandwash covering the entire column area.

Repeat this process as you complete eac column across the wall.

After four hours you can apply the second coat.

Thank you for any help.
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The paint guys at the blue or orange boxes mean well, but are likely not experts. I would follow the manufacturer's directions. They make the stuff, and probably know an awful lot about it. As for waiting on email, I would not. Given your circumstances, I would call Behr and talk to someone there about your dilemma.
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I called the Behr tech centre and they suggested that I buy another 3 gallons, (they said they will reimburse me), and to apply it with a seasponge.

I then recieved an email from Behr. That advised me that the edges were drying to fast and causing the lines.
They told me to add a cup of water to each gallon and to follow their instructions. I replied that I would never have done that because the can specifically states to not thin the product. The can says that the product is meant to be applied at the packaged consistancy.

I spoke to the a fellow at Home Depot last night about the problem. This is the first time I had spoken to this fellow.
He is the person that gives the seminars at the store, and he told me that he was the person that painted the sample wall on display for the sandwash.
He didn't like the sponge idea, and gave me the names of 2 of people at Behr to talk to before I proceed.

I have also heard from other members of this forum with suggestions.

After the mess is over I will post back with the results and how they were achived.
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I have been having the same problem with Ralph Lauren RiverRock paint, which I think is the same type of paint as the Behr Sandwash.

After doing the 2nd coat on one wall, I stopped because of the awful looking roller marks. When I called the R.L. help number on the can (which is also the same helpline as CIL paint I think?) they have told me that I am not using enough paint -- load the roller until it is practically dripping, then follow the square/column directions (reloading for each) as usual, then move right away to the next column so that the "wet edge" described is REALLY wet.

My room is pretty large (12 x 18) so I really HOPE that the rest of my 2nd coat works out.

Good luck and let me know how yours works out and/or if the Behr folks tell you anything different.

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Did you find a way to fix your Sandwash finish? I am in the same exact position you are now. I've actually put 3 coats on my walls and still have a very blotchy finish. I called Behr and was told to add a latex paint conditioner to keep a wet edge and to sponge the lines if they started to show when drying. TERRIBLE! The conditioner did nothing, and the sponged areas looked awful, as the rest of the finish doesn't have a sponged appearance. I have no idea what to do to fix this. And I now have $200 of Sandwash paint that looks terrible on my walls!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Well, I've done my 2nd coat, following the directions EXACTLY and using a lot more paint as recommended by the R.L. helpline. Guess what -- I still see roller marks.

After reading your post about the 3rd coat not looking any better, I've decided to give up. I've already invested 2 coats of primer on the wall to cover up the bright purple that was there before (which doesn't seem so ugly now!), plus 2 coats and $200+ of the RiverRock paint.

I figure I might as well just put 2 coats of regular paint overtop rather than try the 3rd coat of RiverRock, having the results be no better, and then having to do the 2 coats of regular paint anyway.

I will be going to Ralph Lauren and/or Home Depot to get my money back though. Has anyone else asked for their money back and how much trouble was it?

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Sandwash Success!!!!

I finally have the Sandwash Paint on my walls WITHOUT ROLLER MARKS. Here's how I finally did it.

As of my last post, I had 3 coats and it still looked blotchy. I called Behr's Technical Support again and complained. I went through everything with them, and finally found out (after reading the batch numbers off the lids of the cans) that my first 4 cans (2 1/2 coats) were from a recalled batch. The batch was recalled for streaking/roller marks!

Behr also said that you definitely have to follow the directions exactly, working in columns. With my 3rd coat I didn't do that because it hadn't worked the first 2 times and I started thinking about that definition of crazy: when you keep trying the same thing thinking you'll get a different outcome.

Anyway, Behr told me to buy more from the good lot and send them the receipts and they'll reimburse me for the 4 bad cans. They also offered the alternative of my getting 3 contractors to estimate the job and they'd pay for a professional to paint the last coat. I decided that would take too long and besides, I didn't want this paint to defeat me! So, I bought more SandWash, a new 3/4" roller and followed the directions to a "T". IT WORKED! It looks great!

The only other difference this coat was I used the regular Purdy roller cover. I used a Ralph Lauren River Rock roller for the first 2 coats because the salesman at Home Depot recommended it. Behr said that should have been okay, but I will say after using both that the regular 3/4 let the paint go on much more uniformly.

So bottom line if still having problems: Call Behr with your batch numbers and see if yours has been recalled.

Good luck.

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Good! A solution.
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You are braver than I. I called to complain and they offered to have a contractor that was “familiar with the product” come and paint the walls and I jumped at it! I have my master bedroom and master bath painted with the stuff with the same streaking problem that everyone seems to be having.

I tried the web site directions, I tried the can directions, I tried the handout directions, and 2 different sets of directions from the folks at Home depot. The Behr tech person suggested many of the same things that everyone here noted. I kept asking how to tell if the batch I was using was recalled and it seemed like she was steering me away from that.

So now I have to send my receipt to them and they will send a contractor to paint my walls, from Georgia we live in Michigan. I pointed this out 3 times but she assured me it was ok… That much less for me to do in the new house!
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Behr sandwash

Has ayone had immediate success with this paint. I was set on using his paint for my basement, but now I am a little skeptical. I would still like to use it but it doesnt seem to be worth the trouble( i have a fairly large room to paint ). For those who found success,is it worth it? It would seem the lighter colors may be a litte easier to work with, what colors are u using? is there maybe a pattern of those using darker colors vs ligter colors and the success rate?
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I don't think I would ever do a large room with this paint again.
I used a fairly light shade called fine granite.

If you do want to do a room in this product I would suggest just trying one wall first and see what kind of results you get.

To achive any kind of success you MUST keep a wet edge as you work.

Better than tring it on a wall in the room being finished would be to just try it on a peice of wall board. Sort of get a little practice
with it first. If you don't like it then you haven't messed up a room.

If you do try it in the final room, and it doesn't work out you can always paint over it with a similar shade.

You won't get the exact same effect, but you will have some texture.

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