new paint in old room


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new paint in old room

i'm about to embark on repainting the house i just bought, and have a few questions i was hoping to get help on...

1 - the existing paint on the walls has what i believe is a light orange peel texture. if i want to go to a smooth finish, do i sand the walls and skim coat them, just skim coat them, or something else?

1a - am i smoking something if i try to skim the walls myself (this would be the first time i've tried it....)

2 - if i decide to keep the orange peel, do i need to sand and/or prime the walls prior to painting?

3 - if i decide to keep the orange peel, but want to trade out the corner molding from a radiused molding to a square corner, how do i replicate the orange peel finish at the new corner?

thanks in advance for the help.
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I looked to buy a house one time with these kinds of walls. They were probably done in some kind of a stucco effect from the looks of it, over the plaster (I'm guessing).

It looked impossible to sand all these walls down to flat again, and too, this kind of texturing was probably originally done to hide wall imperfections to begin with so you would probably be uncovering other problems.

It would have been my choice to go "with" the orange peel texture. The ones I saw looked to be painted either with gloss or semi-gloss paint. I would think that you would need to give them at least a light roughing-up type sanding treatment to repaint.

As for skim coating, I don't see why not. I was a mere beginner at this type of thing not too long ago, and the more you do it, the better you get. That finishing mud you buy by the tub is relitively cheap, so mostly what you'll be out is a lot of time.

It would seem to me that this would be easier than trying to match the orange peel in your corners.

Maybe some of the other more experienced members will have some better advice for you.

Good luck with this endeavor!

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