Painting textured plaster wall


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Lightbulb Painting textured plaster wall

I am about to faux finish my livingroom wall. I would like to highlight the texture of the plaster as the second color is applied. The "pattern" is "figure-8" style. How can I accomplish this?? I have tried a wash and this did not work. What kind of "tool" should I use. Yes the texture is slightly raised.
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Hello CptLeo, every faux project is unique but I have had luck with highlighting with various types of sponges, foam brushes and paint brushes. Take your time with some of these ideas and the highlight material may look one way using highlight straight out of the can and when thinned a bit can give another look. If I havn't given you some thoughts that help get back in here and we'll try again.....Mike
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Faux over texture

Just as "mikejmerritt" suggested, try thinning your second color but also ad a glazing compound to your color. Much depends on how aggressive the texture is and if you can capture enough color on the "peaks" of the texture.
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It would be very messy but you might try rolling the wall with the acent color and let dry.Then roll a small section at the time wipeing it off with paper towells.So that it will only be left in the resess and the oringal color will be shown on the high pionts of the texture.Might get it more uniform than with a sponge or foam brush.Just a tought. I have seen it done with a foam brush though i wouldnt have the patents for that.
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