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Question bathroom painting

I have mold/mildew on the walls above the shower, the paint is pealing and bubbling in some spots, this is a second coat of paint.
Should I scarp the second layer of paint away and then apply a primer and special paint to prevent mold/mildew from occurring again?
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Exclamation Bathroom mold

Bathroom mold and mildew are almost always and issue of poor ventilation, compounded by a surface that has not been properly prepared for refinishing i.e. proper sealing and priming. In some occurances, the "m&m" problem might be attributed to leaky pipes or a leak in the roof. Hopefully this is not the case!

You are on the right track with your repair suggestions.

Get as far down the effected area as you can, careful not to remove too much creating a bigger problem. This will allow you to determine if the problem goes below the surface. If not, allow the moist area to dry thoroughly. Then apply a coat of alkyd based sealer/primer to the affected area. While there are some "stout" water-based primers on the market, an alkyd based product has better sealing and stain-blocking propeties. Try an interior primer as "Zinser"(?sp), and build up from there.

Again, ventilation is a must when re-occuring mold is present.

Hope this helps
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Well said [email protected] But i would also recomend misting with some bleach and water before covering with primer and paint.Bleach will kill mold and mildew.Just put it in a squirt bottle.
They also make some midew addiatives to add to paint but i dont know weither they work or not.
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