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Question bubbling paint

Hello, paint experts everywhere, hope you can help - I painted the plaster wall after thorough preparation (washing, patching, sanding) over old paint of unknown origin. The paint I used is good quality latex acrylic water-based. When it dried, patches of bubbled paint appeared randomly on 40% of the painted serfice. Teenages who lived in this room used "glow in the dark" materials (and God knows what else) before. Could it be that scrubbing, patching and sanding was not enough to get rid of some hostile to paint chemical or is there any other guess and may be a way around this disaster?
Thanks a million!
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Are you sure the acrylic paint did bubble up as you aplyed it and then dry into the paint.Ive seen this happen with exterior acrylic it suds up likes soap as its aplyed.But i havent seen interior flat latex acrylic do this but it may deppend on the brand.Buy the way was it flat that you used?

But my bet would be the glow in the dark paint is oil base.Scrach the wall with your fingure nails and see if it bonded.If it does scrach off.Then you can sand the bubbles/blisters down and aply another coat should fix it.

I think i remember you earlier post said you where fixing it up to sell? If so and all else fails you might try rolling on a coat of oil to lock the other paint to the wall.Thats the only way i know of to fix it if it didnt bound.And if your selling it you want be the one that has to deal with it next time. The paint store might come up with something else.
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