Painting over two coats of paint.

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Painting over two coats of paint.

I am trying to repaint an old dresser. It was originally unfinished then painted in an oil based paint. Then years later painted with a latex based paint. That paint is now chipping. I would like to repaint the dresser and bookcase. I have been told two things one to strip it...I am moving and this might be too time consuming. Also I was told that I could fill in the chips with wood putty(the chip marks show the original neon yellow paint) and then sand it and then prime and then paint. Is this something that would work? I would like to have it look presentable only for another year or two. Or are there any other suggestions?

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Hi Allison,

If it were me, I'd scrape away as much of the peeling paint as possible, then take a pad sander and sand the peeling areas with that. Be careful not to press too hard with the sander in one area, you do not want to sand away the wood surface underneath. Give the whole dresser a light sanding overall as well. Some of the areas my require hand sanding as opposed to using the electric pad sander. Sanding will serve two purposes: one to smooth your finish, the other is to give your new paint a better surface to adhere to.

After sanding, use a good primer before painting. For a smoother finish, use a small roller with a foam roller-cover for the larger areas of your project .

Good luck!

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Yep you listed the steps i would take.
That sander would be good if it were oil still but if it is latex now.I think yall find that the sander want sand it, it will melt the latex and goo up.This has always be my exsperance no matter how old the latex is.
Also sand lighty the primmer coat to remove/smooth the brush strokes.

I striped a 100 year old chester draw for my wife a few years back.It was solid red oak under 7or8 layers of paint and god noes what.I dont no how many hrs i got in it but it did take two days to strip.And a gallon of striper.What a burning, gooy,sticky mess.Anywere the stripper toches you skin will start to burn like fire.If its good stripper.The origal finish seemed to be whitewash i assum do to it be chalky.I left a very slight bit in the cracks to show age on the side and stained and sealed it all.It is butifull but i dont think i will ever do that agin.Not even for more matching pieces.

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