HELP...I am taking down wallpaper so i can paint...


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HELP...I am taking down wallpaper so i can paint...

I am taking down all the wallpaper in my kitchen...then i want to texture the walls and paint them!!!
First question: How do i know how much to rip seems to come off in layers?
Second Question: Do i need to prime the walls before i texture?
Third Question: Any tips on texturing walls?

I hope someone has some helpful info. for me that they can share about their experience!!!!!

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Many wallpapers will come off easily if they were preped correctly.
Peel off as much of the top layer as possible. The paper backing and glue layer will remain. I just used concentrated DIF (most hardwares stores carry this) sprayed on with a plant sprayer - sits for 10 min. and the backing/glue scrape off easily with a 6 inch scraper. You should make sure that all glue is removed before attempting to paint. I washed the walls down with hot water which worked well.
I would then prime with an oil base primer (kills worked well) to further seal the wall and any remaining glue.
Then you're ready to paint. Check at your local paint store for tips and products to use on texturing your walls. Remember - once you texture the wall, it will be hard to remove in the future.
Hope this helps~
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hi cewinter,

Annie is right to use the DIF to remove the glue and backing.

I would then use TSP (which any hardware store should have) to wash the walls down. You will need to prime before you paint and texture. The kilz is an excellent primmer sealer.
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