can I paint over wallpaper glue?


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can I paint over wallpaper glue?

I took my wallpaper off my bathroom walls and now want to paint. I was told that I had to take all of the old wallpaper glue off the wall before I prime and paint. Wow, what a job! I was hoping maybe I could just prime over the dried glue and then paint? I need to get this ready to paint by this weekend, but at this rate it will take a week.

can you recommend a good primer as well?

Thank you!
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Getting the glue off only requires washing the wall. Use hot water, rubber gloves, and TSP. A scrub brush can come in handy for any tough spots. If you paint and prime over it the paint will look rough, and with latex splotchy.
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I was scrubbing the wall down to the sheet rock. I used DIF but it didn't work well. Could be because I have had it for maybe 4 yrs, lol. I also used soap and water. I wasn't sure how much glue was on the wall so I took everything off down to the sheet rock. Maybe I'm making this harder than it really is. Where do I find the stuff you recommended? I was just getting ready to go to Sherwin Williams, do you recommend their products?

Thank you

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Sherwin Wiliiams is OK. I recently switched to Benjamin Moor/Pitsburgh paints. They have a wider color palet. SW did not have a dark red wife wanted. TSP should be available at the paint store. Some areas no longer allow its sale since it contains phosphorous (same stuff they took out of the clothes detergents). The TSP substitutes should be OK for wallpaper paste. Be carefull on the drywall. You do not want to tear up the cardboard and then have to skimcoat it to smooth it out.
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Hi again,
I found some TSP plus in my garage (who knows what else is out there) it doesn't say anything about taking off wallpaper glue. how do I prepare it?

Thanks again
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You prepare TSP according to the box directions. You really don't need to use TSP though, all it takes is warm water with a little dishwashing soap. Spray or sponge it on the paste, wait a minute or so and sponge off. Any stubborn spots can be scrubbed with one of those green 3M scrubbing pads. When you are finished, wet the wall and feel it. Any slimy spots will indicate the presence of wallpaper adhesive that needs to be removed.
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