correcting painting mistakes


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Question correcting painting mistakes

We're buying a house and the previous owners were in the process of painting the master bedroom, but they were doing a shoddy job. They didn't paint the ceiling or floor edges or corners first and took the roller up to the ceiling getting paint on the ceiling. Can we correct this without repainting the entire ceiling and all the walls?
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Did they leave you any left over paint? If you do not have some of the same paint, you are probably stuck with repainting. It is just about impossible to get paint to match unless it was untinted and you can find the same lot number from the same manufacturer. You can get it close sometimes, but not a perfect match.
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I think they are leaving some leftover paint from the walls (light green) but I don't know if there will be enough to finish the job although I am assuming there is because they were planning to finish it before they sold. However, the ceiling is white and I don't know if there is any leftover white.
Assuming there is enough paint to do the walls, do we start with painting the ceiling and then try to fill in the gaps on the walls? What is the best way to proceed if there is enough leftover paint?

thanks again,
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Purchase enough ceiling white to cover the ceiling. If they bumped the ceiling with the light green paint - spot paint these first with the ceiling white first.
Let these spots dry, then repaint the whole ceiling.
I would repaint the entire wall surface, if there isn't enough light green, take a gallon of it to your paint store - they can match it up.
Get two 5 gallon buckets and "box" all of the green paint. That is, pour all of the paint into one 5 gal. bucket. (do this on a large tarp, covered with plastic to protect your floor) Pour the paint back and forth into the 5 gal. buckets a few times to insure that the paint is mixed to a uniform color.
(the buckets are heavy, and it is easy to spill)
Hope this helps ~
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