Time to paint Need tips please


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Don Pell
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Time to paint Need tips please

Hi all this site is great right.Any how Cindy and I have been in this house for 5 mounths now and have done some projects so far with great help from this site.So it is time to PAINT The walls are flat looking no idea what paint is on the walls all areas are white.Did i say the walls are plaster to,they are in not to bad a shape the odd crack you know were i am going.i plan on the kitchen first then bathroom and so on.Ok I need help what should i use first to seal the old paint.We got paint about 4 mounths ago to have when this project began it is acrlic paint satin flat also have some latix to .lay it on us we need help.Thanks Don&CindyPell.
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Hi Don/Cindy,
Satin and Flat are 2 differnet sheens.
4 months is a long time for paint to sit. You'll need to shake each gallon.
Once you open it, use a paint stick to further mix the paint - mix it from the bottom.
Get out the 220 grit sand paper, and give the walls a light sand.
No need to prime the walls unless you have done any drywall repair with mud.
If so, spot prime those areas with a latex primer. Feather these spots out.
Tape would be good to tape off trim and mouldings, use painters blue tape.
Lay out a good tarp, or plastic to protect the floor/kitchen counters.
Work on one wall at a time. Cut in the ceiling using a good paint brush. Roll the latex paint (Satin I assume) on the celing with a paint pole. Paint one side of the ceiling first, then do the other half.
If you are painting the walls a different color - let the ceilng dry before you paint the walls. Again, work one wall at a time. Cut in the wall paint to the ceiling, base, and each corner.
Then apply (don't push, use even pressure) the paint with the roller/pole in verticle direction only. From left to right, or vise versa. Each time you load paint, you should only be working this about a 2 foot area. Dip again - keep the roller wet with paint. Smooth out any lap lines. Go to next wall and repeat.
The room will need 2 coats of paint. When you are ready to put the second coat on, (day 2) lightly sand the wall down, then repeat above steps.
Good luck with your project
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Don Pell
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Thanks annieO that will get us started how about the trim we are thinking oil paint for easy clean up? PS how can we tell if there is oil or latex on the walls now.Cindy says thanks also.
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OH, important tip....paint that trim first! It's much easier to paint the trim first - then cut in on the wall, and it is easier to clean.
The easiest way to determine if the painted area is oil is test a spot.
Latex paint will not cover oil based paints, it will 'pool'
Good luck ~
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my thoughts...

Has the paint been in cold (below freezing) weather? If so - don't use it. Paint that has been frozen isn't any good.

Just mixing the paint with a stir stick isn't enough. Get a paint pail and pour the paint from can to pail and back again, stirring the bottom of the can too. If you have more than one can of the same color, mix all the cans together to get a uniform shade. Pour some from one can into the pail, then some from the other can into the pail, and so on.

For the trim, use a latex enamel.

I'm not sure what "satin flat" is. Its either satin or flat (eggshell is in between). Acrylic and latex are generally the same.

The old paint should not need to be sealed, but if its more than 10 years old, then put on a good coat of primer.

The most important part of the project is the tools. Buy top quality brushes and roller sleeves made for latex paints. An extension for the roller helps a lot.

If using tape, remove it that same day. Then retape before the next coat. If you wait until you are all done (2 coats), you will be back here complaining about the tape pulling off the paint. Better yet, learn how to cut in without using tape. It just takes a bit of practice. This has been covered before on this forum.
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I find that a better way to mix paint that has been sitting is to take it back where I bought it and let them run it through the shaker.

The myth that latex will not adhere to alkyd paint still persists. Latex and 'oil' paints will adhere to any properly prepared surface for which they are intended.
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