Painting Metal Window Frames


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Question Painting Metal Window Frames

Hi, I'm in the process of renovating an old 1920's commercial building for residential use. The structure has LOTS of rolled steel window frames which have, of course rusted over the years. I plan to remove all the old glass and putty, remove loose rust, prime, repaint, then reglaze with clear glass panes.

My question is, What type/brand of paint should I use to avoid having to repaint for as long as possible? Are any of the available rust inhibitors worth applying?


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a few questions as to why you want to take on this much work to begin with without the end result being assured years of maintenance free life.did you contract this job?did you buy property and are turning it into rentals?or regardless of the first 2 questions the look of the current windows is what is wanted from the owner?if it is gonna be a rental property for you replace them with vinyl windows and be done with not sure of the degree of rust on the windows,im assuming alot,but if your making money for this project sub out getting them sand blasted.your crew can tarp off or prepare the area for sand blasting and just have the guy come and fire up the blaster,he will make quick work of far as a primer i'd look around,just get exterior grade for metal in an oil base and topcoat with an exterior oil based paint.ask at sherwin williams or benjamin moore suppliers for primers and paints.
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Three very good reasons to refurbish the old frames which are rusted but not badly. First, if I remove the old frames I am subject to the modern energy conservation code which I think I would have a hard time meeting in this old building. Second, I'm applying to have the structure certified as a National Register historical building. Third, considering the number and size of the window openings, the cost of new vinyl frames for the building would be ENORMOUS. I'm planning to carve out a dwelling for myself in the building and make college-town apartments out of the rest of the space. My only good option is to refurbish the existing frames, which add a lot to the ambience of the site. I just need to make the paint I apply last as long as possible to limit the need for repainting once new glass is installed. Repainting will be a labor-intensive undertaking.

Thanks for the reply!

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Rustolem, spelling?
Or ask your paint store for something with rust inhibitor.
Oil will last longer on metal.

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