Did I just ruin my house? PLEASE HELP

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Did I just ruin my house? PLEASE HELP

It'a a long story but I want to tell most of it becuase I am afraid I just ruined my house.

I contracted with a painter back in August and he pressure washed the house with the mildew be gone stuff and then it started raining. Then his dad got sick, then it was the holiday's. He assured me that the wood was okay while he was okay and
He came back and scaped and primed and replaced bad wood. Then he painted the house and the day he did most of the house it started raining and got really cold (for TX - about 35 F).

I keep reading that you aren't supposed to paint when it rains and that is basically what happened.

So did I ruin the house?
Will paint "work" in the rain or will have some sort of mildrew problem or adhesion problem?
What about the span between cleaning and priming?

IF you don't know can you recommend some sites to check.

Please help

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The time between cleaning and painting is difficult to evaluate. If it was just few weeks, it probably won't matter. As a general rule, paint should not be applied if the ambient temperature is not at least 50 degrees F. I don't know what the downside of appying it at temperatures below that.

Ordinarily, the rain is not as much of a problem if the newly painted surface doesn't get wet. High humidity just prolongs drying or curing time. If the paint got wet, there will be waterdrop marks in the paint.

If you know what brand of paint was used, you might contact the manufacturer and ask what to watch for in the case that the paint was applied at 35 degrees F.
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was it latex or oil base also what was the tempeture when he painted not what it dropped to later in evening because latex has a very fast dry time depending on humidity so if it was fairly warm when painted it would be ok also the cleaning period was probably fine because most paints have a mildew inhibitor to a degree
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As long as it hasnt peeled off or lost its shine.It will be fine.
Most likely he doesnt want to be sued.So would image its fine.The cleaning doesnt matter.May have been better so that it had more time to dry.
I often am forced to paint latex when its almost freezing it will be fine unless it freezes before it dries.And if it does get rained on or froze before dry its easy to see.
I have found it sometimes works better when its humid or cold it alowes it more time to soak in and lay down.And lets it stick better.After 6 winters ive only had one screw up.A dark blue door for some reason dryed to touch but froze that knight, resulting in spots with no shine.another caot fixed it right up.
I have even painted stuff and had it rained on in a few mins.With no ill results.
Farrels latex is water proof i think even when wet the touch.
Im not kiding it rained(sprinkled for 20 mins.) on it while it was very wet to the touch(felt rain drops on my last stroke),and after the water droplets and paint dryed it looked great.But it was white, dark colors will not fair so well.

Im sure it will be fine.I know i wouldnt do anything on a persons house that might not last and cost me.But contractors are a total different story they ask for it.And most dont care,as long as it last a year.Warenty.
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i'm not sure if everyone here is just being too nice. i'd express my concerns in a letter (sent return receipt). your concerns should be addressed - even if just in conversation. your documentation will serve as proof if something does go wrong. painting the exterior of a home can easily cost a few thousand dollars so if it needs to be redone in a shirt period of time you may be glad you have proof that you thought the job was not properly complete.

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