painting and design

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painting and design

two of my sons want there bedroom decorated in camoflague i
just wondered has anyone got a fews tips on the colours and pattern of how it should look.
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Humm! Camo that would have been cool when i was younger.
Do you no any one in the milatary.They have pattens for there paint jobs.I would try calling some pint shops in your town.Someone that paints trucks and boats should have some patterns.You could use them like stencil i would think.

Or check you local hunting fishing store,for rolles of camo netting or material for a look at what it looks like.Wal Mart has some here also in the sewing material dept they have some camo material.
Could use it for curtains also.

No i dont sew. My wife was makeing curtains.
Also a friend of mine just bought a bunch of camo close from good will threft store here.But we are beside Fort Cambell so there camo close are easy to come by but usally sell high.The good will was cheap.If there big enough you coulg buy them some jackets or something to get an idea of how to paint the patterns.Also hunting and fishing depts. sell hunting close but those are some hard patterns to copy most of the time.Mossy oak paint job!

I would also use flat paint.A paint store can macth the colors if you take them a sample. Desert storm camo would be way cool! And lighter colored!But it might be harder to find camo material that color.Other than maybe a Good Will or Army surplus store(Army surplus is usealy very high)!

And to think i started out with out any ideas on this.Humm a camo net hanging from the ceiling!
Im think im going to ask my wife can i do this to our bed room!
Good luck with the paint and finding the kids in the camo room!
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painting and design

thanks for the helpful tips,i never thought about looking in our local fishing shop.I've found some paint just need to find the material or netting

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