painting a wallpapered wall

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painting a wallpapered wall

I would like to paint my bathroom which has wallpaper on it. I tore away the top layer of the wallpaper but there's still a layer of brown paper on it. How should I remove that. Also what else do I need to do to prepare the wall and waht kind on paint is most suitable for bathrooms?

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The brown paper may be the surface of the sheetrock after the wallpaper took off the white surface paper. This will happen when wallpaper is applied direct to sheetrock without sizing or priming or painting first.

If the brown paper has a rough, fuzzy surface, that is: it does not look like wallpaper, then I would count on it being the brown layer of paper over the sheetrock.

If this the case, then you can apply your primer to this surface and proceed with your painting. With the damaged surface of the wallboard to consider, I would use a sealing primer such as: Zinsser 123. There are others suited well to this task, also.

Semi-gloss or satin finishes do well in the bath since the walls tend to be wash somewhat frequently. Latex is popular with many homeowners and should do a good job for you.
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if the wallpaper was torn off as you said and not scraped it may have been the outer layer of wallpaper and the brown paper is just the glued surface for the wallpaper.try wetting a rag and rub an area of the wall,if it becomes sticky and starts to smear around its the glue for the wallpaper which is probly what it is.chfite is right in saying it may be the inner surface of the drywall but chances are you would still have areas of the grey looking outer drywall surface here and there and you would have probly pulled off some of the brown inner surface also to the bear sheetrock,it would look like a big mess .also you did not say it was drywall it may be plaster walls.its probly the glue for the wallpaper,it comes off easy,just wet it with a sponge and use a wallpaper sraper to srape it off(add some DIF to the water it will help dissolve the glue).once the brown papers gone wipe the walls well with a wet rag to remove the glue sand the walls with some 150 grit to get any fuzzies and what not off and to scuff the surface for a good bond.put some primer on,this will help the paint bond and will let you see any inperfections or nicks in the patch and caulk. spot prime any patches.sand with 220 grit then paint.use oil based paint in the bathroom it holds up better to moisture and cleaning.sand with 220 betwen coats for a nice smooth finish.

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