Painted walls too bright!!!


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Painted walls too bright!!!

So, i painted my walls bright yellow. i wanted a nice pale yellow, but it seems yellow is a very tricky color from what i have read. i was thinking of ragging or whitewashing to tone it down. but i practiced on a piece of cardboard and it didn't look like what i pictured in my head. i think i am doing something wrong. i am not sure what though.

the walls are eggshell. i tried ragging with glaze and white paint. (3 parts glaze to 1 part white) it just looked messy.

i was thinking of just painting over it... white paint with a touch of the yellow paint i have left over. Or maybe use a sponge roller with white or yellow tinted white, then roll over it witha dry roller to smooth it out. but then do i add glaze????

i am so confused. i just want to mute it a little... but i don't want to make it worse. i am getting used to the brightness of it... but i think it is a shock when people walk in. when the room is full of sunshine it's so pretty, then when the sun goes away, it's very concentrated...

please... if you have any suggestions... i'd greatly appreciate it!!!
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Repaint it with a lighter, less intense shade of yellow.
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Talking The same thing happened to me

No problem! The same thing happened to me. I eventually decided to repaint. I know it's a pain in the hiney, but you will be much happier. You should never have to "get used to" a paint color. You should be happy the minute it goes on. I went to a fabric store and got a few swatches of material that were the color I liked. Then, I found the color of yellow I wanted in something in my room. I went ahead and primed my walls, this helps so that the old yellow doesn't bleed through. It will, I learned the hard way. I then got 3 or 4 quarts of paint colored the different shades I had picked out. I painted a swatch of color on a wall and then painted a swatch of the next shade on the next wall. It only took about 30 mins and you don't paint the whole wall just enough to give you an idea. I had 4 walls and each wall had a shade of yellow. By the next day, I had the perfect color and I was so happy. Seeing paint on a wall really gives you a better idea if you want the whole room painted that way. I hope this helps. I have found your better quality paints work better with certain colors. It may just be me, but that has been my experience. Have a great day! This is a little work, but the payoff will be worth it.
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Thank you!

Just wanted to say Thank you for all your help... I will be repainting!!!
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