Should it rub off this easily?!


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Angry Should it rub off this easily?!

I moved into my newly built house about 4 months ago. Recently I noticed some marks on the walls that occurred while moving in. Using what I considered to be very gentle rubbing motions resulted in the paint coming off, in some areas right down to the drywall. It seemed to be very chalky and a friend of mine said that it sounded to him like they just used primer. The painters were to use Sherwin-Williams Flat Finish paint. I just wondered if this is to be expected with this type of paint or if I got ripped off with my paint job. Thanks.
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Paint should not rub off. Actually, primer should not either, but primer is not durable. Its life as a surface may ended. Even failing paint should not rub off down to the drywall.

Paint might come off when scraped with a piece of furniture, but it would likely scar the wall, too. Paint should bond with the surface. That is why primer is so important. It provides the optimum bonding surface for the paint.

I fear that you may not have a journeyman quality paint job. Does the contract you had with the painter guarantee any sort of performance?
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sounds like they used "builders paint"

Sounds like they used what is referred to as builders paint. Its very cheap.

Did they leave any cans of paint in case you needed to do a touch up? If so, open the can. The paint will be very thin.

Another possibility: SW makes several lines of paint. The bottom line (Style Perfect) is not scrubbable at all. If you only asked for SW flat finish, you probably got this line. On a future note: use either the Classic 99 or the SuperPaint lines in the satin finish.
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should it rub off?

Bobs right,. a satin finish will be subtle, it adds light to the room by reflection and is very washable.
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Just be glad it wasnt Porter paint. Its even easier.
But yes to answer your? If you wet (any standard flat paint that ive tried)it will rub right off with only a few secounds of gentle scrubing.The reason i asum is that flat is absorbant,and so is the dry wall underneath.The more calky and flat the finish the more absorbant,and easier it is to remove.Ive used some so thick you couldnt work with it(Porter's Pro Flat) and some so thin it looked like water(Duron).But they all wash off if rubbed on with water.Its most likley not primmer,primmer cost more than cheap flat paint.But if it was i think youd find that it also would wash right off of dry wall.

But now with that said!I now use Farrell Calhouns washable flat.And yes it will take a scrubing!It is the best flat paint i have used!And will even touch up in darker colors.And with very little to no hat band,when useing dark colors.So if you cant scrub off the dirt you can just touch it up. Im very doughtfull if you could get better results with any price flat paint.But this stuff is still in the price range of builders/painters.But if your planing on repainting i would recomend an eggshell finish,mainly because it doesnt get as dirty in the first place.Sence It has no calky feel.(like rubing a crayon on 80 gritt sand papper verses 400 gritt) The slicker the finish the less dirt will be rubed off on it.If price is not a problem try some Porter's Painters Friend.

Its not the brand that counts,its the quality of said product.Each grade of paint that a store carrys will vairy greatly in performance and quality.Some are more pricey, but does that mean there better? Some of this price is reflected from ingreadents and straining of the paint.But some of the price may also be due to the advertiseing and size of the company.Just my .02 cents.
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i would tend to think they did not use primer
just topcoat
flat paint is sold to painters cheaper than primer
even if it is a cheap paint, it will still bond well if applied correctly
a top line flat latex will rub off a wall if you use a cleaner or press hard
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