Getting a Paint Sample off of a wall

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Getting a Paint Sample off of a wall

I need to do some touch up painting on a wall. The problem is, I don't have a sample of the paint to take to the store for a match. There are no outlets or anything on the wall. How do I go about getting a sample off of the wall. Thanks.
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I usally cut a small square out of the dry wall (the papper covering).Then just pacth it with jiont compound.I would recommend doing it from a unnoticable area,like in a closet or down low near a corner.Just use a utilty knife and score threw the papper(about a 32th of an inch deep),then lift a corner up with the blade,and pull it off.You might cut it about 2 or 3 inches sqaure so they can have enough room to put a drop or two on it,to see if there paint macthes it.

When you get your paint home, roll a small 1ft or so sqaure on the wall.And blow dry with a hair dryer or wait over night, to see if it matches.If its a darker color you might do it in a few places,to make sure.And be sure and roll where you can,when doing the touch up.The texture must macth or it might look as if the paint is the wrong color.Also brush strokes are noticeable when done in the middle of a wall.

Good luck!
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better to repaint...

Its better to repaint than try to match. No matter how good the match is, you will notice a slight difference in the shades. You will be able to see the touch-up. And that's if you get the same brand and same base and same sheen at the same store as the original. If you get a different sheen, say eggshell vs satin, the difference will be very noticeable. Same if you use different brands or even different lines within the same brand.

You can buy two gallons of the same mix at the same time and still have minor variations in the shade. Thats why we tell people to always mix all the gallons of the same color together before painting. If you need two gallons for a room, mix both gallons together first.
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I'm with BobF...
Bottm line? It doesn't matter what you do because it will show unless you paint the whole wall. Then of course, the other walls will all look like cr*p. Good luck!

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