Painting kitchen appliances with "hammered"-finish paint?


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Painting kitchen appliances with "hammered"-finish paint?

Hey guys.. Just found this site, and figured I would post a question I have.

I am going to be redoing my kitchen, and ofcourse my appliances won't match the new color scheme I want to do. So I went to the local HD and saw some appliance paint, and this other new paint I have never seen before. It was called something like "hammered-look" paint, and was kinda cool (kinda hard to describe exactly what it looked like, but looked like the finish some commercial machinery has - posssibly like a powder-coated finish). Now I was thinking that maybe I could use that kind of paint to redo my appliances in my kitchen.

Has anyone even seen this stuff before, and if so how does it hold-up?

Also, as a side-issue, my fridge is almond colored (so are the rest of my appliances), but it has a wrinkled/bumpy finish to it. Would this make it quite a bit more difficult to sand and repaint?

Since repainting my stovetop is probably a bad idea - cuz of the heat, what other options would I have?

Sorry for the many questions, but figured they all kinda were related, so I figured Id ask anyways.
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I can only address painting that stovetop of yours .... we renovated the kitchens in our volunteer firehouse and used 1200 plus degree heat paint called STOVE BRIGHT which is made by Forrest Paint. We've also used Krylon brand heat paint with success on fire department tools that generally are exposed to high heat. Around here, heat paint is easy to find at better hardware/paint centers, auto parts and at BBQ parts.
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I have read a lot of material about painting appliances. The gist is to use appliance paint and follow the instructions on the can. I haven't found a complete how to on the subject. I have read a lot of success stories. Of course, the failure stories never make the press.

Painting the stove top is one area that requires a special technique. The heat involved makes all the difference.

Hope this helps.
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Hammerite is an extremley hard wearing gloss hammered finish paint...No primer is required and you can paint straight over rust with it!! I have painted metal toolboxes with it and they still look good. Its a lot different than using normal paints and looks best when sprayed on. [important}Apply the second coat within 24 hours...Smoothrite is the same but without the hammered finish..
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