how long does mixed paint/glaze last?

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Question how long does mixed paint/glaze last?

I am going to do a color wash in my foyer by mixing equal parts paint and clear glaze. If I am unable to finish at one time, can I close the can and reuse the mixture at at later date?? Also the color I got is a little dark, what is the easiest way to lighten it up alittle?? Adding white or cream colored paint??

Thanks for your help!
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Latex paint will potentially keep for a year in a proper temperature range. I have kept it that long before. If it smells bad, then it has gone bad. Alkyd paint will keep for a while if the air is kept from the paint to prevent the chemical reaction from occurring. Lay a sheet of saran wrap over the surface to keep the air off of it. I don't store alkyd paint, so I have no experience with how long it will keep.

The fuller the can the better.

This is my experience, the manufacturer may feel different.

Hope this helps.
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I've actually kept latex paint for 3 years. We painted a room in 1999. When my daughter moved out last year, I had 1/2 a gallon left and used it to touch up furniture marks and stains. It was a shade of lavender that I kept becuase of the color match, and it worked great.

I also used a paint/glaze mix when I sponged my bathroom, and went back several months later to do some touch up and it was fine.
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Thanks for the info!! With two small children, it is hard to get one thing done completely at at time
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A Sherwin Williams store told me that latex paint can keep for up to 5-6 years. After that the paint goes bad. I have used paint that has sat in the basement maybe 4 years.
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I keep stock colors of latex and oil in my shop because I buy in bulk, but it usually doesn't stay around long enough to make an observation. Latex and oil should keep for several years if properly stored. Lid on tight, in a dark, cool place.

An old painter taught me a trick years ago in keeping touch-up paint. Right before capping it off, blow into the can and close quickly, replacing the oxygen with carbon dioxide. If it makes a difference, who knows, but I do it . Also store gallon cans upside down so if a skin forms on the paint, it will be at the bottom when flipped over and opened.


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