Colorlok siding problem

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Colorlok siding problem

The house is 7 years old and we've been in it for 3. One area of our roof did not receive rain gutters and the siding below this area appears to be rotting. There is no discoloration just obvious expansion along the bottom edge of several panels. We have a gutter up now but I would like to see if there is a way I can seal the involved siding in hopes of stopping any additional damage.

I know about the class action suit but haven't looked into it yet.

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Sorry to hear of your problem.

If the siding is swelling from moisture intrusion, there is no way to repair what has happened, short of replacing it. Moisture intrudes into the wood fiber through repeated and prolonged contact with the unprotected material. Preventing the contact through installation of gutters is a first, important step. The next step to protect what remains would be to paint it. The paint will seal the surface and keep water off of it.

Hope this helps.
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colorlok maonite siding

Our house is about 13 years old and have the original colorlok siding. It is in good shape.

There is a bit of a niche market where folks will mail you something or even knock on your door offering to turn in a claim and do the paperwork for you (they take a percent of any payment). I think they must just drive through neighborhoods looking for eligible siding.

We did turn in a claim since it was so easy to do. They send out an appraiser to look for is an objective 3rd party. They came back with $50..we pushed a bit and they came back at about $400. Honestly, I cannot see any problems. We didn't do anything other than cash the check. We can submit additional claims if additional deterioration comes up and we need to actually do any repairs.

Overall the product has performed well for us. Some of our neighbors with darker colors (ours is white) have had larger claims and replaced the product with siding. I've also seen some neighbors paint the product and it looks good.

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