Painting for newly finished Basement


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Question Painting for newly finished Basement

I have just finished my basement. A few questions for you y'all experts out there and hope you can help me out here (Apologies for the long mail...)

Some background info before my questions....
* A new sheetrock (drywall) adorns the walls of the basement, with lot of compound to hide the gaps between the sheets
* There is the usual R11 insulation behind the sheetrock.
* I have dropped ceiling
* Though I have not had any real "water problems", a carpet placed on the concrete floor and not moved for over 6 months had the dreaded "green stuff" under it.
* Since I saw the mold/mildew (which one is it?), I painted "water proofing" on the concrete blocks in the basement as a precaution (though some friends said I did not really need it).
* I have a walk-out basement.
* I have NOT yet painted the drywall NOR carpetted the floor (it is concrete flooring).

Now the questions with the background info in mind....

QUESTION 1) The "green stuff" under the carpet (I did not find it anywhere else though I had a few luggage boxes and cartons stored around the basement)
- is that abnormal and should I be worried about it? Should I take any steps to take care of de-humidifying/treating before OR after painting?

QUESTION 2) What kind of primer do I use for the drywalls?

QUESTION 3) How many coats of primer do I need to use before paint (1 or 2 coats) to ensure that I do not have any moisture issue during painting and after finishing painting (a light blue color wife's choice;-) ? I was concerned that moisture issues may be more pronounced in lighter colors. Also, I was wondering if the the light blue color may show any of the compound stuff applied to smooth the wall and therefore 2 coats of primer may be necessary instead of 1.

QUESTION 4) How long do I have to wait after I apply primer to ensure "proper setting" before I start painting. I am in the Eastern part of the country and outside temperature ranges between 35 - 55 degrees.

QUESTION 5) I am planning to use "BEHR Satin Enamel paint". Is this the right type of paint to use for a basement...? Link to the site here for the type of paint...

QUESTION 6) How many coats of paint do I need given that it is light blue color (1 or 2)?

Thanks a bunch.
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1. The green stuff is probably mildew. There is a moisture problem that must be solved. Check downspouts to make sure they direct rainwater away from the house. Check grading around the house to make sure it directs water away from the house. A dehumidifier may be beneficial. It seems that the carpet is trapping the moisture.

2. PVA primer for new sheetrock. One full coat will cover and seal the surface, mud and all. If you have the primer tinted toward the finish color, the coverage will be better.

3. Normally, one coat of primer is sufficient. Full coat, even coverage. Otherwise, two coats. Moisture: see 1.

4. The label will tell you how long to wait. The temperature inside where you are painting is what is important.

5. Generally, flat paint is used on walls. Behr gets mixed reviews here, some good, some bad.

6. Two coats of paint will be more durable.

The moisture problem needs to be solved.

Hope this helps.
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follow-up ??


Thanks for your quick and precise response.

1) Do I take care of de-humidifying before I finish the painting and carpetting? If so how? (I should've mentioned that the carpet was just a cheap area carpet just to have a "warm" area).

2) If Behr is not that good, which brand should I be looking at? I do not want to go overboard either...

3) What is a "flat paint" (pardon my ignorance ;-)

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The moisture problem needs to be solved.

1) Do I take care of de-humidifying before I finish the painting and carpetting? If so how?
If possible, yes. A small dehumidifier should work if there is no other apparent source of water or moisture.

3) Which brand should I be looking at?
Sherwin williams and Benjamin Moore both have excellent paints for this type of area. Consult a local paint store and they can recommend something.

3) What is a "flat paint"
This refers to the gloss or sheen level. Flat paint is dull and flat, as compared to satin or semi-gloss.
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