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Ceiling paint

I have a plaster ceiling that is in great shape. There was no peeling paint. I just wanted to put a fresh coat on and as soon as I started painting, the old paint started peeling off in sheets, like wet paper towels. If I didn't know better, I'd say someone filled my paint bucket with paint stripper. I have had to use a putty knife to clean off the old paint and almost half the ceiling is now scraped, it wasn't a lot of work, just very messy, the drop cloths are now covered with clumps of wet paint. The old paint only scraped off where I had put new paint. Any guesses as to what caused this? I just painted three other ceilings and they came out fine. Could this ceiling have had something other than paint on it? I wish the paint stripper I used on other projects worked this well.
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I had the same problem with the plaster walls and ceilings in my 1939 house. The layer that fails was never bonded itself or another underneath. The vehicle in the new coat caused the prior poor bond to fail.

What I did: scrape off anything that will come off. Wash with TSP, prime with Zinser 123, paint with top quality latex. Use a good, full coat of Zinsser, two if you don't feel comfortable with the coverage. You want to seal in the prior coats. I have not had any problems the treatment. In one room, I have repainted to change colors since then without problems.

Hope this helps.
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I had a similar problem where if picked at I could peel off 'sheets and I mean sheets of all layers of paint on the walls in and older house if the sheet didn't tear I could have peeled the entire wall floor to ceiling at once.
I was told that the local post office had been dealing with same thing for years and that it was an improper lime mixture in the plaster that prevented any adhesion to it.
Chfite's advise may be the best you'll get for adhesion problems.
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The funny thing is, as soon as I heard the work Calcimine it all came back to me. I have dealt with this stuff before and since all the other rooms in the house have been painted, I forgot that this one wasn't. The house is 111 years old, I think this one may still have -- make that had -- the original paint job still on there. Like the post office you mention, lime is at the source of my problem, however the lime in my case was in the paint. I had to get some more paint and primer yesterday (I scraped most of what I applied off with the Calcimine) and the guy at the paint store said they get that question a lot since Boston has a lot of old houses. He suggested that an oil or alcohol based primer would not make the Calcimine peel. I have used oil based primers in the past over Calcimine and still had it cause minor peeling when applying it. The water in the latex primer I was using just caused a heck of a lot more peeling. I don't have to worry now, all the old stuff is gone. Thanks for the advice, it's always nice to know your not the only one making a mess.
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