Need Advice on painting................


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Need Advice on painting................

The previous owner painted a bedroom with a seafoam green color. I have re-painted the walls with a primer and 2 coats of white latex paint. The wood trim was also painted green. i am using a good quilty brush to paint with but still leaves small streaks when it dries. Also the trim was painted "to the walls" as the prvious owner painted them on the wall. I tried to remove the trim to repaint but it takes small peices of the wall with it ( I even tried to cut the top of the trim but it doesnt do much good. My question my only option to paint the trim is to remove the carpet from the room? I obviously dont want to paint them on the wall as it will get on the carpet....Im I missing something?

Thanks in advance...
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If your concerned about the brush strokes on the trim , I would use an alkyld (oil) base paint for then. Lightly sand the trim then coat with an oil base paint. It levels better and is more durable, as for the rest of your question I leave that to a moderator. Chris or Bob?
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It is normal to caulk the woodwork to the wall so that it does not leave a shadow when painted. You can use a 5 in 1 tool to remove any failing caulk, but replace the caulk prior to painting. I use the plastic shield when I paint over carpet to keep paint off of the carpet. Example:

You could tuck a strip of wax paper under the baseboard to paint and let it sit until the alkyd paint dries. That takes 6 - 8 hours. With latex, it will be dry enough to move on with the plastic shield in a few minutes. I use two of them and alternate. Keep a cloth dampened with the appropriate thinner handy to manage drips and runs on the baseboard.

As far as brushing the trim is concerned, changing the color from green to white will give you some brush marks if you are trying to cover in one coat. Two coats will be more durable for trim.

Hope this helps.
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yes, two coats on the trim, too

Don't try to hide the green trim with one coat. Plan on two coats.
Is your brush made for latex paint or oil paint? There is a difference.
What brand of paint are you using? Discount house and big box paints may be part of the problem.
BTW - I favor latex enamel for trim work.

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