Can this paint job be saved?

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Can this paint job be saved?

I think I made a huge mistake, and am hoping someone can tell me how to fix it (if possible).

I stripped the wallpaper off my kitchen walls, then had a friend come in to repair some damage done during the stripping. She put a coat of drywall over the damaged sheetrock.

Here's where I went wrong: I didn't prime the drywall before starting to paint! I was trying a faux treatment, and was so busy working out those details I didn't think to prime.

What I have now is two coats of base color (satin finish), which I put on about six hours apart (following directions on can). Finished that last night, and it is still VERY soft--feels dry but I can cut through it with a fingernail.

I am supposed to start glazing it tomorrow morning, and am really worried about whether (1) it will dry at all, and (2) whether it will pull loose when I remove the tape, and (3) if I can get my glazing done before a party I have scheduled three days from today.

Any suggestions? Should I just apply for a new brain somewhere?
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Too late to fret about the primer. The latex paint won't reach full hardness until 4 - 7 days. I would press on with the project, if waiting for things to harden is all. By the way, pressing a fingernail into the sheetrock wall will usually leave a depression. The sheetrock is not very hard.

Tape really ought to be removed as soon as the painting is over and dry to the touch so as to prevent removing the material underneath and tearing the adjacent paint.

Hope this helps.
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drywall or mud?

Did your friend just apply mud to patch the walls or really install new drywall over the old? I think it was just the mud.

don't fret the primer. Like Chris said - its too late. One of the advantages of primer is to give a uniform undercoat. Otherwise, you'd have different shadings between the mud and un-mudded drywall. It sounds like your friend put on a thin coat of mud on the entire wall. That, plus the faux painting, elinates the worry about shade differences.

As for the tape - be prepared for it to pull some of the paint off. Its not because the paint hasn't reached hardness yet, but rather because it is well on its way to that point. The tape should have been removed at the end of the day.

Go ahead and apply the glazing now. It will be fine.

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