Painting Disaster/Faux Paint ?

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Angry Painting Disaster/Faux Paint ?

We just built a new home. I had smooth walls put into the kitchen/dining area so we could put up wallpaper. Changed our minds and decided to faux paint and put up a border. (GREAT border!) Went to Lowes bought some granite paint by Valspar. Did EXACTLY as the can said and rolled this stuff on with a 1 1/2 inch nap roller. BIG MISTAKE! I now have what looks like cat litter on my walls. Very uneven. The guy from Lowes and the guy from Valspar came to assess the damage. The only solution they could come up with was to paint over this hideous mess with another finer textured paint, to fill in some of the low spots caused by this very thick roller. It still looks awful, but what can you do. I don't want to grind it off, so I decided that maybe a faux finish would still work. I thought that if I rolled on glaze, and then ragged it back off, that the glaze would settle in some of the low spots, be ragged off the high spots and it would look kind of tuscan. I have already painted over the horrible granite paint with our original latex paint and at least the kitchen is back to the original color. Any suggestions on fixing this awful mess? It's obvious that the Lowes guy and the Valspar guy are of no help to me now. Thanks SO much. I'm desperate!
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I've never used this product, so my help might be minimal. I have found that all these new decorative finishes being pushed by big box stores are very hard for a diy'er, and almost always need to be applied with a sprayer of somesort to achieve the finish desired.

In your case, I would use a stiff 6" putty knife, and scrape off what I can. Then, use a sanding pole fitted with a sanding screen and go over the walls again. Not knowing what the 'cat litter' chunks are made of, it might work.

Hope that helps.
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I have a question for you. You said "granite paint" by Valspar.

Is that exactly the name? I asked this because I am about to paint a home office/study with the "Sand Tones" paint by McCloskey or Sherwin Williams. I don't know if this is the same thing. Your comments frighten me!

Thank you for your feedback
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skim the walls with joint compound to fill in all the rough stuff.
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My husband's been in the drywall business for 20 years &
the best solution to your problem is scraping & sanding, unfortunately when you painted over the kitty litter (aka granite) the paint acted as a sealant so to achieve the smooth finish you had in the beginning, you now have to remud the walls.

FIRST, TRY IT YOURSELF!!! If that doesn't work try this:

I mixed together 1 gallon of Valspar Millstone in Green Moss & 1 gallon Valspar Suede in Chaps. I also have a smooth finish on my walls & used a Purdy 3/4" inch roller. The paint went on very smooth & almost didn't require a second coat. I found that when both collections are mixed together, it creates a more balanced texture.

If you like sagey, mossy green use these colors, or choose 1 color from EACH collection that works for your color scheme.
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If you want a really nice faux paint, get Ralph Lauren Suede paint from Home Depot. Go online to Ralph Lauren for application directions. Its a beautiful finish. The first coat is put on using a regular roller. roll it on in a V fashion and do the edges with a brush. With the second coat, use a 3 inch brush...just dip brush in paint and put it on using small "x"'s. You will be very pleased with the product, very rich texture. I tried the sandwash paint and never had any luck with it either unless you pick a darker color its not to bad.

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I forgot to say that I used the Ralph Lauren Suede paint overtop the mess of sandwash paint on my walls and it covered it beautifully!!!!
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Valspar Granite Paint

Ok folks... the roller definately does NOT work....however....a textured paint gun makes it look just like the swatch at the store.
Look at my link...the 1st 5 photos were done with a roller....the rest with the popcorn paint gun (put on the lowest setting for spraying paint).
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Post Valspar Granite Paint

I too am using this faux painting technique in my newly finished basement. I prepped the wall with primer and proceeded just as directed per the instructions. As I was cutting-in around the ceiling and side walls I found the paint to be very difficult to work with and it took me almost 2 hours just to accomplish this small amount of work. I then began rolling on the first coat which was also difficult. After I rolled it on, the black granite flecks were so visible and I was horrified! You could not even see the black flecks on the swatch! Furthermore, the gold glittery flecks were nowhere to be seen and I had paid extra for those. Needless to say I was not pleased. I let it dry overnight and then started with the criss-cross pattern in the morning. Thank goodness, this started looking better and by the time I was finished with that section I was quite pleased with the results. However, it does not look like the swatch and I still cannot see the gold flecks. Yes, I did paint within the recommended timely manner in order to retain the flecks! Also, I did not realize that 1 gallon of this paint does not go as far as a regular gallon of paint and now I am looking at having to buy triple the amount of paint expected or sand off some of the cutting-in that I did and modify my original design plan. Anyway, at least I was able to salvage the majority of the project and if I want to spend more and take a lot more time than expected I know that I can achieve a pleasant look for my wall. Good luck to everyone else trying to work with this product. I am an experienced painter, and I found it to be a difficult project.
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