New to Wall Painting....Argh!

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Wink New to Wall Painting....Argh!

I have a home that i bought brand new over 3 years ago! The original painters used very cheap flat white paint that i think looks basically like chalk! lol I have put off painting it due to the very fact that I dont know what i am doing! But am going to try now!
There are a few spots (very tiny in corners) of mildew in the bathrooms and one spot of sagging tape in a corner joint! Also should i go for shiny paint? (clueless as to the technical terms)...
Also, I want this paint to last and be very washable as i have kids and the current paint i cannot clean cause it comes right off the walls...thats how thin and cheap it is! I want this paint practicly indestructable!
Also, should i paint the trim of the doorways the same color as the walls? and i have shelf windows that are white like the walls...should i paint to match? can i leave the doors white?? Do i need to remove the floor/wall trim or can i paint over it too?
Also, lol, i have some small holes (3/4 in. diam) in the kids bathroom where they broke the towel i need to use netting with the compound?
Also, i read that i should not use silicon caulk around the tub tiles as paint will not stick to it...i mean on the edge areas where the paint and tiles meet...what do i use??
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance!
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Hello & welcome to the forums!

Unless your walls are very near perfect, I wouldn't suggest using a semi-gloss or gloss finish paint, (shiny paint) A flat or clamshell finish paint is best for hiding imperfections in your walls. The gloss or semi-gloss is only recommended over a lever 5 finished wall, this incorporates a skim coat of compound over the entire wall surface. The painters may have some other ideas for you, but that's my $.02 worth on the painting.

The holes you're describing up to 3/4" in diameter can be repaired with either speckling or joint compound (drywall mud) If you decide to use mud, I'd get the lite joint compound, as it is less prone to shrinkage & cracking. I would probably advise ripping that sagging corner tape off & retaping the corner, it might be possible to cut out the sagging areas & reskim it, but without looking at it, I'd have to go with the first suggestion.

As for your caulking around the tub area, I use latex tub & shower caulk, it'll be labeled like that.

Hope that helps you out.
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Semi-Gloss for your bathroom. Name brand preferably SW,Ben Moore , not the cheap stuff. A great Paint that comes in Flat and Satin that is very washable is Sherwin -Williams EverClean . I beleive its the best interior Paint made. Its not cheap though. But if you want it to last and with kids and all its tops in my book.
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Thanks for responding to my request everyone!! Well, first...the sagging tape in my bathroom is just barely sagging....hubby didnt even notice it...i had to point it out to him...and its not the whole strip thats sagging...just an maybe half and only about 5 inches in length.......the mildew in bathroom corner is about quarter sized.....the walls are only 3 yrs old! alot of corners are rounded....its just that they builder cut corners in some areas...there are no other defects in the walls....however it is a must that i get washable paint! Thanks for the paint recommendations, I will certainly look into them as soon as possible! and i will buy that spackle and the grout stuff this week!
Again, Thanks for your responses!

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