Paint Flow Problems


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Paint Flow Problems

Is it just me getting old, or is the paint nowadays just plain lousy quality compared to say, in the 70s and 80s?

I keep buying top-line paint from Kwal, DiamondVogel, SW, etc. but the stuff seems to roll on thin, and when I use oil-based enamal and brush it, all I get are brushmarks. Didn't used to be that way, and I'm using Chinese bristle brushes for the oil-paints tool. The paint just doesn't seem to flow like it used to.
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YOUr right it doesn't. Ever since they took the lead out it went downhillnad came out with stricter VOC limits
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Funny, I keep complaining that Ben Moore is too thick. Looks like pudding sometimes when I pour it into the tray. Good for walls but not so good for trim (latex that is). I can paint casing with minimal brushmarks only when using Floetrol and then I have to be very careful about drips. I have noticed that adding a sigificant amount of Floetrol reduces the sheen somewhat and may make the paint less resistant to damage.

I have to paint a couple of 8" wide doorway jambs. It's obvious that they were sprayed with latex because there are no marks whatsoever and light reflects very evenly. It's gong to be a challenge to duplicate this brushing with latex or even oil. I can see that one advantage of oil is that it's fairly easy to fix mistakes by sanding. On my first door casing I had terrible brush marks so I tried to sand them (and the drips) out and that was not a fun experience.

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Yeah, most oil finish products are weak nowadays because of the VOC limitations. Ben. Moore's Satin Impervo used to be like pudding straight out of the can.
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