Before selling home


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Mrs Majik
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Before selling home

Putting our home up for sale soon.
All my rooms are in colors. Real Estate
lady says we should paint whole house in neutral color. She suggested off white or
light wheat. Is it necessary to paint every
thing neutral before we sale?
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i've heard people say during open houses "oh i dont like that color lets go to the next open house." which seems silly to me because painting a room is probably one of the easiest things change in a new house. i think some people just lack visualization skills.

however, you could make the argument that if the walls are neutral and someone comes through who likes color on walls might be turned off by too much neutral.

if they are crazy bright colors then i think it would be best to paint them something more neutral, but if its something that is just a nice color then i would leave it. i know that when we were looking at houses last year we came across a house that had a cool red wall in the living room. we definately gave that house a strong consideration (we didnt get it because the kitchen was the size of a closet!)

its hard to say what's best. go with your gut instinct.

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My husband and I were talking about this the other day. I agree with Brian. Personally, I'm just as turned off by a house done all in neutral, as I would be by some really bizarre color (chartreuse just isn't my "thing" .) If the house is painted in colors to complement the decor, I would <i>definitely</i> leave it. Many people are a tad shy in the imagination department and need a bit of a nudge to see what things are possible by using a bit of color.
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I can't imagine living in a boring white house anymore.

Take a look at a pottery barn catalog, or any of those home remodeling shows and you will see that they always paint with color. If you want to be conservative, stick with the pastels and as diylady says, you have to chose something that matches the fixed elements of your house such as tile, carpet etc.

As an example, I first painted my half bath green because I saw a lot of green bathrooms in catalogs. Problem was, it clashed with the tile which is reddish/brown. So I repainted it a dark red and now it's my favorite room in the house. By the way, this reminds me that it seems that bathrooms can be painted in bolder/darker colors than rooms. Perhaps this is because they are already small rooms and the walls are broken up with cabinets/sinks etc.
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Mrs Majik
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Painting before selling.

Thanks for all the info. I hate all white houses and was dreading having to repaint all white.. I have to think that people in all white houses are boring.

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Everybody has different tastes, and opinions. If you sign on with a real estate professional, and that person suggests it would be easier to sell if painted a certain way, then I think it would be foolish not to do it. Thats what a real estate agent is for, right?
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at this point, i think we're all assuming that your home is beautifully decorated. what if, on the off chance, it's not, and your realtor knows the colors you have now will be a turn off to most people?

so, my question is, do most people, upon entering your home, immediately comment on how great it looks? if so, and you're relatively sure they're not lying and just being nice, then i say keep it as is.

your realtor wants your home to appeal to the masses - to as many people as possible. true - white is boring, but it's move-in ready. a buyer who sees what they believe to be a hideous color may very well prevent them from purchasing your home. so, when given the choice, boring white is the way to go.

so i guess my question is.........what colors do you have on your walls?
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I'm a realtor and am very interested in house colors - inside and out. Have you signed a listing agreement with this realtor? If not, contact other realtors and see what they say about your house without telling them about the paint issue. As one person stated, if the colors are tasteful and appropriate, it doesn't matter. I've seen many houses with different interior colors and if they aren't too wild, it's okay. If they are "neon" type colors, then a change is necessary. Do some research on the web about putting your house on the market. There's a lot of good info out there.

Joan B
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I would agree with all of the above. If the paint is in good taste then it might be OK. Neutral colors are best, and remember some people cannot do their own painting and the cost to repaint may keep them from makin an offer. I would talk this over with the agent you talked to, it may have been just a suggestion.
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just went thru this

I just went through this. Here are my observations.

1) In part it the selling price matters. If you are priced comparable to brand new homes, then people will indeed look for neutral colors.

2) Yes, many people will do some decorating right away but don't want to fell like they have to do it right away.

3) What is really important is the "showability". Are the walls otherwise clean and in good shape? Are holes patched or are there evidence of where pictures, etc used to be. Hanging nails, hooks, holes from such visible?

4) Whichever color scheme is your favorite, it will be the least liked by potential sellers.

5) A coat of paint will really freshen up a house.

6) Personal example: All rooms in my house had been redone in the past couple of years except the kid's rooms. The house had been on the market for a while. They kind of fit #3 above. After removing posters and most pictures, etc I patched all the nail holes and thumbtack holes and repainted. My sons room was painted a medium blue-gray, daughter's room a light brown/orange. A week later we had two offers. Coincidence?
And guess what - the buyers are planning to paint and decorate before they move in!!

7) Whats a couple hundred dollars and some time to make the house more salable?
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