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Question homemade paint textures

what substances could be used to create textures in paint? i like the "suede" textures, but, would like to blend myself, because the color of my choice is not available in the "suede" paints. Doesn't really feel like a sand, perhaps more of a fiber ? hmmm. Also, if i added a fine irredescent glitter to paint, would it sparkle?
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Second question first. Adding the glitter to paint probably wouldn't work as paint is opaque, and the glitter would be suspended in the dried film. You could blow it on the surface after applying paint, and before it dries. Or you could add it to some water-based clear polyurethane, I think that might work. Try some on a piece of cardboard or drywall first, to see if a flat, satin, or gloss poly would work best.

As for what to use as a homemade texture, anything would work. Sand, grass, spackle, sawdust, whatever. Trial and error on a scrap of drywall, you can use probably anything.
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You can purchase paint glitter at your local paint store. Its applied to a wet surface film and you should use a glitter gun for the best results.
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Glitter works very well in a poly...but you MUST keep a stir-stick close by and keep mixing your poly at every opportunity. If you don't, the glitter will settle to the bottom of your container or paint pan and you will get uneven "sparkles".

Have you looked in home depot or Lowe's for their gritty/sandy/lunpy etc. paint additives? These products can be mixed into any paint and they will, for the most part, stay suspended in the paint evenly.
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MrsFauxster, PBTroy & Prowallguy
you three are GREAT ! thanks so much. I will experiment first and see what I can come up with. I am "creating" an atmosphere in my massage room. I want it to be very comfortable and cozy, yet have a feel of "AWE" to it, when my clients/patients enter the room. My business name is Blue Moon massage therapy, so I am attempting to give a "heavenly" or celestrial feel to the room. My clients might be perfectly healthy, stressed out, a battered woman, young or old, or be battling cancer, so a bit whimsical and fun is good. When they are on the table and looking up. i am searching for something to almost mesmerize their thoughts, dreamy feeling, get the idea? that is why i am considering a bit of sparkle. I want to also represent all of the earth elements in my space and will eventually need to have some sort of pond or running water. I'm just trying to really create a comfortable and unique environment for them and me. Something that they will always remember and think of delightfully. something encouraging and hopefull. ofcorsre, i don't have much money to work with...I bought Behr paint for 5 dollars a gallon, the "opps" section! no name or color code on the can...a rosey, purpley color, ceiling is oyster, i think, adjoining bath room has old green tiles on walls (half way up) and floors (but, i love them!), so, if you have any more ideas, i will be ever thankful! i will keep you posted! wish i could send pics! thanks again!
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Oh! Shelly! Don't get me started!!!!

Crayola has the most FABULOUS glow-in-dark paints on the market...they work very well even in dim lighting situations. If you paint clous or planets or starts first, then put the GITD paint over that, you get an amazing effect! Don't forget about all the wonderful GITD planets and stars available at your handy dandy WalMart store!
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Those are great ideas!!! thanks ! and I will try to get a few pics for you as I make progress. GITD stuff has always been so much fun. You are fun! being fun keeps us strong and happy ! thanks, coolgirl!
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