Painting concrete patio


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Painting concrete patio

I have an unpainted concrete patio (in good condition), I'd like to paint it. My wife said she saw a concrete patio that was painted to give the illusion of tiles.

I'm thinking of using a latex outdoor stain and watering it down by half just to add some color to the concrete. I don't want anything that can 'peel' but I don't care if it fades over a couple years.

Anyways, about the 'tile' effect. Does anyone have any ideas how this might be done? Would it be best to make it look a bit irregular and not too symetrical? I've thought of just laying down half inch masking tape in a grid pattern but this might be a bit artificial looking. Would it be best to stain the patio first and then to just freehand on artificial grout lines? Would making a stencil of 'grout lines' of four tiles be a way to go and just repeat the pattern over the patio?

Since the patio is outdoors, i don't need a 'perfect' job but just something to add a bit of character.

Any tips appreciated...also any recommendations on a website that might be useful. Thanks.
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For the grout lines, the methods you mentioned sound good. The easiest would be to mask off the areas for grout, then stain and pull the tape. How it will look is up to you. Test drive some grout/tape patterns on a piece of drywall or cardboard until you come up with something you like.

As for the painting, stain is the way to go. Paint will peel, especially if you put rock salt on it in the winter. Stain lasts much longer and looks much better. Think twice about thinning it, the stuff is very thin and watery to begin with. I prefer the alkyd stain myself. Check with a local paint store as to what type of concrete you have, some require etching with muriatic acid before painting/staining.
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yep - stain!

I second the stain. Staining can look quite impressive! I've seen stained concrete that looks like real tile.
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Staining concrete

Based on forum posts, trend tends to lead toward acid etching and staining of concrete. It sounds reasonable because paint tends to peel, flake, and abrade.
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