Best deck stain

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Best deck stain

Does anyone have a recommendation for a high quality deck stain/sealer for treated pine? Or do you know of a website where reviews are posted? I have looked around and many claim to be high quality: Defy, Cuprinol, Behr, etc. How can I find the best?
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In the past, Consumers Report has done tests and given recommendations.
Their top three rated were Cabots, Sikkens, Wolman F&P. There are also a few regionalized penetrating oil stains that contractors use - these are SuperDeck, ReadySeal, and Menwood.

Here is a contractor forum site you may be able to research:

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I like Cabot the best, with Cuprinol and Sikkens close behind.
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you get what you pay for....

I agree with the recommendations.

One thing to remember: You get what you pay for!!

Sikkens, Cabot, and Cuprinol are expensive. But they will last for years. A rough guidline - expect one year or life for every $10/gallon you spend on the stain. ie) If you spend $20/gallon, expect to retreat in two years. If you spend $30/gallon, expect to retreat in 3 years. This is for exposed materials. If the deck is protected or shaded much of the day, you will get a bit more life out of the product.
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deck stains

I have been looking for an excellent deck stain, Cuprinol has been recommended but Sherwin Williams has changed their product line to deckmates. Has anyone used Rhinogaurd? Their website is very convincing, and if you "get what you pay for", they should be very high on the list at over $40.00 a gallon. Please tell me if you used this product, it sounds really good.
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Just a quick note.. I . . It used deckscapes latex on a deck (rails) not pleased at all . 2 coats on dry properly prepared wood late last sunmmer. Just got a call back from customer and already is starting to peel and lift. I'm going back to Cabot and and/or sikkens
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Thumbs up sikkens

i have seen good results with sikkens.its a 2 part application.1st is the stain.2nd is the clear coat.both parts have a color to them to achieve the end result finish look.i have found that to give a very deep,rich look to the wood.very expensive however.but its like putting armor on that wood.i always say the worse it is for you the better it is!!and i must say if you stain the wood before you put it up, use it outside.this stuff will get you going if you know what i mean and the fumes really burn your eyes.looking past the health issue as we always do,i give sikkens a thumbs up and would use it on all my exterior wood apllications.
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I have used Rhinoguard. First it is very expensive. Second, it took two coats of the very expensive stuff. Third, if you live it a humid climate, it takes a long time to dry (like over a week). Once dry, it does hold up pretty well. I did my deck about 4 years ago and it doesn't look awful but it doesn't look great. I am going to do it over but not with Rhinguard. I'm looking for a different product. The way Rhino works is it uses the water base to transfer the chemicals to the wood. The advertising says the water will evaporate out of the treating chemical. At any rate, it is good in a dry climate but doesn't hold up as long as they advertise.
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Welcome to the forums Pauuul!

I don't have any confidence in any coating that is applied thru a water hose

Paints/stains are formulated for their uses to be applied at a certain thickness with all the proper additives [including driers] so the coating can preform at it's peak. Even if you have all the ingredients except water, when you use a hose there is no precise way to add the correct amount of water - so the coating's performance is bound to suffer

Generally you'll find better quality coatings at your local paint store [not paint dept] they should also know which of their coatings holds up the best for your particular job
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Cabot worked best for me before I gave up on wood and went composite. I'm in Michigan and nothing stands up to our climate very well. The thing I think is more important than the type of stain is the prep work you do before application. Nothing will last very long if the wood isn't in good condition.
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Epoxy Fortified deck stain

Has anyone used the Defy Epoxy Fortified deck stain?

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