Exterior prep for painting over very old poor condition paint and paint brands

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Exterior prep for painting over very old poor condition paint and paint brands

The exterior paint on my walls is old and in extremely poor condition. For prep I have seen the suggestion: powerwash>>>scrape>>>prime bare wood>>>paint. After scraping there will be abundant dust and loose edges, should I powerwash again? As the existing paint is in very poor condition (in many spots there is already significant peeling down to bare wood), should I prime the entire house and not just bare wood spots? Would this likely improve my final results? If I do this am I likely to have a better chance at good one coat coverage? Or should I just prime bare spots and plan on two coats? By the way, the old paint color is white and we will be painting with a pale yellow. One last thing. Seems like the opinion here is that Behr paint is not so good and Ben Moore and Sherwin Williams are recommended. Are these second two paints likely to give me a better shot at good one coat coverage with my color choices? What is the difference in price between these “premium brands” and Behr (which is a little less than $20 a gallon). Thanks for any help.
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prep work

The order is corrrect. The world of coatings is "what you see is what you get". If big gouges, cracks @ knot holes etc. are there you will see them in the finish. So after scaping, I usually sand the edge down (feather it in) before priming. If the wood has been bare a long time and dried out oil base primer is best, also it will hold and "glue down" everything better than latex. Prime the whole house would give the best job. Pittsburg paints has a clear waterbase primer for heavily cracked wood called "permanizer plus" @$40/gal. that is great stuff but kind of pricey unless you really need it. lol jeff
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I would suggest powerwash, scrape, sand smooth any rough areas, prime with an exterior penetrating alkyd primer, and then apply 2 coats of high quality exterior latex paint.

Ben Moore & S.W. paints are much better products than most others. Exterior paints are in the $25-$35 range.
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BenMoore is actually having a sale(at least in my area) on their premium exterior paints... 3 dollars off a gallon. Very very good stuff, second to none in my opion. Interior paint you can get away with using a lower grade product but I wouldn't mess around with exterior... especially where i live, Florida. The paint takes a beating here.
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scrape,sand,fill holes and or any unsightly areas,and caulk until you cant stand it anymore or you feel that your anal level has been achieved.no such thing as to much prep work.use an oil based primer and have it tinted to the finish paint you will be using,spot prime any bare wood then prime the whole thing giving all bare wood 2 coats of primer.spend the 40 bucs a gallon for sherwin williams Duration paint.you could easily get away with 1 coat of this after you had primed the whole house with a tinted primer to match.it also carries a lifetime warranty on the house it was applied to,ask the folks at SW for more info.

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